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Get It! from the Library!

The Libraries' transition from SFX to Get It! is almost complete. You should be seeing the eye-catching Get It! button in all database search result. Get It! will lead from your search results to the Drexel-subscribed options for getting the full text of an article online; if the article isn't available online, Get It!

GET IT! at the Library

The libraries have begun transitioning to a new link-resolver system; that's "library-talk" for the mechanism that helps you get from an article citation in one database to the article content that may be available from a different provider.

The SFX icons that you've seen in the past will be going away and will be replaced by the bold new icon you see above.  This change will be ph

SFX: OVID and ScienceDirect connection problems

We have been experiencing some difficulties connecting to journals in the OVID and ScienceDirect (Elsevier) collections via the SFX linking system.  The OVID problem seems to occur only when connecting from off-campus while the ScienceDirect problem can occur regardless of location.

In both cases, it is still possible to obtain the desired journal article.

For ScienceDirect journals: ScienceDirect seems to be having trouble interpreting the article-level information from SFX.  Return to the SFX window, and remove the year, volume, issue a

SFX linking issue: Sciencedirect

I have received several notices from patrons having trouble linking to articles from Elsevier Sciencedirect from within other databases (e.g.

Google Scholar -- New and improved linking!

Drexel Libraries have offered SFX linking through Google Scholar for a few years now, but there have often been issues with the quality of the linking to Drexel's resources.  HOWEVER, thanks to Ian Richmond's investigative work, we can now offer Drexel linking within Google Scholar at a much higher success rate!

CINAHL and faulty SFX linking

We have had several reports of faulty SFX linking from CINAHL search results in the last day.  Basically, it seems CINAHL is pulling SFX menus with links that either do not successfully result in the full text or that suggest we have fulltext access when we no longer do.  It seems that CINAHL is using outdated data for the SFX menu.  We are working on figuring out why this is happening and hoping to resolve the issue soon.  In the meantime,

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