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Make a Career Plan!

Around this time, many companies, including Drexel, begin to make yearly and multi-yearly goals. They sit down and think about how they can improve their services all while trying to fulfill their mission. But they shouldn't be the only ones making these types of plans.

You can, and should, sit down this summer to come up with your own "Career" plan before you come back to school. Sit down and take a look at where you have come so far in the past year. Next, you want to look at your overall career goals. If you have yet to create a career goal, then make one.

Summertime Summertime Sum-sum-summertime!

Summer hours begin at Hahnemann Library on Saturday, June18th, and will continue through Labor Day weekend. The Library will be open Monday-Thursday 7:45 am - 9:00 pm, Friday 7:45 am - 8:00 pm, and Saturday and Sunday Noon - 6 pm.

Queen Lane summer hours, which began earlier this month and will continue until early August, are 8 am - 9 pm Monday through Thursday, and 8 am - 5 pm on Friday.

Summer Housing

Are you in need of some summer housing options?  Need a place to stay while you complete A and B round interviews?  Make sure to look into Drexel's Summer Intern Housing Program, which can provide you with short-term accommodations over the summer.

Summer Hours for Health Sciences Libraries

The Hahnemann Library will begin summer hours on Saturday, June 12th:

Monday - Thursday 7:45 am - 10:00 pm
Friday 7:45 am - 8:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday Noon - 6:00 pm

Summer hours began at Queen Lane Library earlier this week. The Library is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, and closed Saturday and Sunday.

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