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How Much is YOUR Laptop Worth?

Not just what you paid when you bought it, but including your class notes, the draft of your thesis, the data for your research project?

We're sorry to report that there have been two laptop thefts from Hahnemann Library in recent weeks. PLEASE do not leave your laptop or other valuables (phone, iPod, wallet, etc.) unattended, even for "just a minute" -- it only takes a second for a thief to stuff your laptop in a bag and walk away.

Your Laptop: A Thing of Value

Theft is the number one crime on the Drexel campus, and your laptop is a prime target.

Please do not leave your laptop unattended for any amount of time in any public space, and that includes the library. Going to the bathroom, stepping away to make a phone call, and popping outside for a hotdog or cigarette all count as lengths of time away.

Even if you ask a neighbor to watch your stuff, his or her studiously bent eyes might not be quick enough to catch a seasoned thief.

If your stuff gets left, there will be theft.

Laptop thefts in Hagerty this week: FIVE

Reason: They were left unattended.

Need more fear?: Unattended theft comprises 80% of all reported crime on Drexel campus.

If you leave your laptop, wallet, cell phone, sapphire engagement ring, etc.

'Tis the Season . . .

As we move towards the end of the term, and the holiday season, it's easy to be distracted and to leave personal belongings vulnerable to theft. Valuables left unattended in the library, even "just for a minute", can easily disappear. Even if you're just making a copy, or running to the restroom, take your belongings with you, or ask a trusted friend to watch them. Please do NOT risk the inconvenience and financial hardship that can ensue when a wallet, laptop, or phone is stolen.

Watch your stuff

There have been several thefts in Hagerty Library over the past week. Library and security staff do their best to control the environment, but please remember, if you leave your things unattended in the library, they are not safe from theft.

When you are in the library, please do not leave your things in a place where you can not see them at all times. Please help us keep thefts down by being careful.

Thefts in the library

Thefts in the library are increasing every month. Specifically laptops. Can we have laptop locks at the circulation desk?

Thanks for the reminder. Theft at Hagerty is a continuing problem, as it is in any public space.

We have considered providing locks in the past. However, these locks encourage people to leave their things unattended in study spaces for extended periods.

Kicking off the Weekend

Just as we were quietly winding down the week this past Friday, Hagerty Library suddenly found itself in the midst of a brouhaha. Shortly before 5pm, a large team of Philadelphia police entered Hagerty looking for a robbery suspect. Drexel security soon arrived and locked the building, asking staff and patrons to remain inside while the search continued.

Watch your bag