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The Nation

The library MUST get a subscription to The Nation. Inexcusable!

Thank you for the recommendation. We have ordered a print subscription for Hagerty Library.

Preparing for the Dental Admission Test (Hagerty Library)

Please buy DAT books for library use.  Drexel does not have only pre-meds.  Don’t make the others left out.  Thanks for consideration!

Where has India Today gone? [Hagerty Library]

Could you please update your copies of India Today magazines.  Actually most of the magazines in the Bookmark Cafe don't have the recent issues.  Please fix that.  Thanks.

Thanks for your suggestion. We looked into it, and it looks like we were having some trouble with our current subscription to India Today. We'll take care of it!

Ethernet Renewal [Hagerty Library]

Can the ethernet cords be renewed without neccessarily having to unplug them from the device and bring it to the front desk to renew it?  That way an ongoing online work won't disappear (remain disconnected) after the ethernet cord is unplugged from device.  (Assume I do not have wireless connection).

Thanks for your question. Yes, we can do that!

When is my book due? [Hagerty Library]

I think it would be a good idea if we could either get a paper receipt or an email when we check out DVDs/books as a reminder and not just receive an email before due date.

Thanks for your suggestion. We are trying to be as "green" as we possibly can, and unfortunately printing out a paper receipt every time a patron checks out an item would not be very "green" of us!

Request-a-rama [Hagerty Library]

I've been using Hagerty's online catalog to locate items I wish to check out and sometimes to request (put a hold on) items which are unavailable. I've noticed that the request/hold feature is not available for leisure DVDs.  I think it might make sense to introduce this feature because the DVDs, being popular, can be hard to get-- so it may be fair to introduce holds as a kind of queue?

Borrowing magazines [Hagerty Library]

Ability to borrow older copies of magazines same as other libraries.

Thanks for your suggestion. Currently we do not circulate the print magazines that you see in the Bookmark Cafe, as is standard practice in most libraries. However, we will take your proposal into consideration.

Almodovar, Fellini, & Ms. Magazine! [Hagerty Library]

I would be positively elated if you got more DVDs of Pedro Almodovar & Frederico Fellini!  Also- I suggest getting Ms. Magazine.  I've never seen it here before.

Thank you for your suggestion. We will certainly consider adding more Pedro Almodovar and Frederico Fellini movies to our collection.

LGBTQ magazines [Hagerty Library]

The Advocate Magazine?  We see no magazines with articles related to LGBTQ studies.  Thank you.

Thank you for your suggestion. You will be happy to know that we do have The Advocate! However, like most of our periodicals, it is not available in print, but rather online in full-text.

New DVDs? [Hagerty Library]

I would like to see more updated DVDs. Thanks.

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