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Textbook Request [Hagerty Library]

Please add Microeconomics, 2nd edition (Hubbard and O'Brien) to reserve list. Thanks! From ECON 201-003.

Lost Years of Merlin [Hagerty Library]

Please look into getting the T.A. Barron series "Lost Years of Merlin".

Book Requests [Hagerty Library]

Please get the following books: Twilight, Haveli, and Bringing Down the House.

Books on Course Reserve [Hagerty Library]

If the Bookmark Café is open 24/7 now, can you please allow reserve textbooks to be taken out all night as well?

The Time Traveler’s Wife [Hagerty Library]

Could you please get the book The Time Traveler’s Wife? Thank you. :-)

DVD Requests [Hagerty Library]

You requested it--We already have it!

Buffy Books [Hagerty Library]

You should get all the Buffy books!

Laurell K. Hamilton Books [Hagerty Library]

Please get the books Bloody Bones, Incubus Dreams, and Micah--all are by Laurell K. Hamilton. In May, her new book Blood Noir will be out, so if you could get that too, that'd be great. Oh, and all of the graphic novels that go with the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series.

What do the call numbers mean? [Hagerty Library]

Please provide an easy-to-find link on the front page on how the Library of Congress shelving system works. Also, please get more bike racks.

Mike's Bikes [Hagerty Library]

Mike's Bikes.jpg

Can you put Mike's Bikes on your computer systems?

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