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Running with Scissors [Hagerty Library]

Running With Scissors.jpg

DVD: Running with Scissors.

Thanks for your suggestion. You’ll be happy to learn we already have Running with Scissors. It’s located in the Leisure DVD collection along the walls on the first floor. Enjoy!

New DVDs [Hagerty Library]

It’s been months since new movies have been added?????

Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, due to several very important projects going on (namely, clearing the third floor!), we have had to slow down the rate at which we’re adding new DVDs to the collection. However, we have recently added 18 new DVDs to the leisure collection and 48 new DVDs to the collection behind the Circulation Desk (Hagerty Reserve DVDs/Videos). Even though the collection behind the Circ Desk isn’t “browsable”, you may still check out the DVDs and take them home.

30 Days of Night [Hagerty Library]

30 Days of Night (graphic novel)

Thanks for your suggestion. We are ordering this graphic novel, and we’ll look into ordering the DVD as well when it’s released later this month.

Foreign Language CDs & Audio Books [Hagerty Library]

You guys should consider getting language CD’s so students studying foreign languages can have other resources outside of class. And books on tape and/or CDs too, for people who want to listen to something while they’re bored at their co-op jobs.

Thanks for your suggestions. We will certainly consider adding foreign language CDs or software for the future.

DVDs Ordered in February [Hagerty Library]

Thanks for all your recent DVD suggestions. Here are the DVDs we ordered in February--you can expect to see these DVDs on the shelves in 3-4 weeks.

Pathologies of Power [Hagerty Library]

Pathologies of Power.jpg

Please get a paper copy of Dr. Paul Farmer’s book Pathologies of Power.

Thanks for your suggestion. We do have an electronic copy of this book, but I will order a print copy as well.

More Recommended Titles [Hagerty Library]

The Dark Tower series by Stephen King and The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan.

Thanks for your suggestions. We do have several books in the Dark Tower series available in both the leisure collection and online as electronic books. Please check in the catalog or go here to see exactly which ones:

To get the other books in the Dark Tower series or the Wheel of Time series, I recommend you use E-Z Borrow, which links from the library’s homepage.

Recommended Books [Hagerty Library]

Can we get the first 3 books (Point of Impact, Black Light, Time to Hunt) of Stephen Hunter’s Bob Lee Swagger/Shooter series? We have the 4th book (47th Samurai) but not the first 3.

Thanks for your question. Our Leisure Reading collection is for newly released books. Since the books you’ve requested are a few years old, I recommend you order them via E-Z Borrow, which links from the library’s homepage. Books ordered through E-Z Borrow take about 3-5 business days to arrive—you will be notified via email when they are ready to pick up at the Circulation Desk.

Get more books, not more DVDs [Hagerty Library]

Why are we buying DVDs when we don’t even have a decent collection of books? If students want DVDs they should go to a video library. Most of my recent projects/leisure reading books must come from other libraries. Disappointing.

We are sorry to hear you’ve had a difficult time getting the resources you need here at Hagerty. We strive to meet a variety of needs, and the DVDs are useful both for class and for relaxation. Is there any specific area of books that you would like us to develop further?

Audio Books [Hagerty Library]

Audio Book.jpg

Some audio books added to the library will be very useful.

Thanks for your suggestion. We are currently evaluating the possibility of adding an audio books collection. It’s always nice to hear that there’s interest. Stay tuned for more details…

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