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Career Library Move [Hagerty Library]

Why would you move the career library? How are students on co-op (who have a lot of time on time on the weekends) supposed to access the newest/best books when we can’t get into 3201 Arch during the weekend? That was a bad and very disappointing decision.

Thanks for your question. Items in the Career Library’s circulating collection can be requested and delivered to Hagerty where you can check them out at your convenience. Just find the book that you want in the library’s catalog, and click “Request Item” in the lower left-hand corner of the screen.

Movie Recommendations [Hagerty Library]

Movies that make us think:

1. What the Bleep Do We Know?
2. Pi
3. 2046
4. I [Heart] Huckabees

Any of these would be great to have in the library. Thanks.

Thanks for your great suggestions. We are already ordering Pi and I [Heart] Huckabees. I will add the other titles to the list of requested DVDs.

Stranger Than Fiction [Hagerty Library]

Stranger Than Fiction.jpg

You should get Stranger Than Fiction for DVD.

Thanks for your suggestion. Good news: we already have Stranger Than Fiction! It's in the leisure DVD collection along the walls on the first floor.

Amelie [Hagerty Library]



Thanks for your suggestion. You'll be happy to learn that we already have Amelie. It's in the leisure DVD collection along the walls on the first floor. Happy viewing!

Need more 24 [Hagerty Library]


24 Seasons 4 and 6. The new study lounge is very nice.

Glad to hear you like the Bookmark Café! We think it's a great addition to Hagerty Library. I added these seasons of 24 to the list of requested DVDs.

DVD Disorganization [Hagerty Library]


Is the DVD section organized in any way or do I walk around like an idiot for 20 minutes looking for "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"?

Thanks for your question. Because of how quickly the DVDs circulate, we are unable to keep them in any particular order. Some DVDs are checked out up to four times in a single day!

DVDs Ordered in December [Hagerty Library]

Thanks for all your recent DVD suggestions. Here are the DVDs we ordered in December--you can expect to see these DVDs on the shelves in 3-4 weeks.

Love the DVDs [Hagerty Library]

The DVDs available are AWESOME. You guys are doing great. But we’ll probably need more space.

I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying our new DVD collection! We just recently installed some new, deeper shelving that will allow greater capacity for the TV shows. We are closely monitoring wall space and will make adjustments as needed. Thanks for your comment!

More Movies [Hagerty Library]

• Poltergeist
• Night of the Living Dead
• Magic
• Stir of Echoes
• Jacob’s Ladder

Thanks for your suggestions. I think you’ll be happy to learn that we already have Poltergeist and Night of the Living Dead. I added the rest of these titles to the list of recommended DVDs.

Calvin & Hobbes [Hagerty Library]

Calvin and Hobbes.jpg

Looking for Calvin & Hobbes complete collection. Thanks!

Thanks for your suggestion. I placed an order for The Complete Calvin and Hobbes last week, so hopefully it will arrive within the next few weeks. This book will be in the leisure reading collection on the first floor when it comes in.

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