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Photoshop, please!

The Macs should have Photoshop on them; there’s no point in having them otherwise.

Thanks for your suggestion. Hagerty's computers are equipped with the same software that is available to the university at large, and Drexel does not have a site license for Photoshop. However, software is constantly reviewed for all public systems, so your request has been noted. Meanwhile, if you need to use Photoshop, there are computers in Korman that have it installed.

Printing Fees

library of congress

Speaking on behalf of the student population, we do not believe that we should pay for printing.

A Full Office

Please install full Microsoft Office on the second floor computers. (i.e. Microsoft Word).

Thank you for your recommendation. The computers on the second floor are primarily intended for access to the library’s catalog—that’s why they’re placed near and among the book stacks. We know that people use them for checking email and other quick tasks, but we don’t want people to use them for more than a few minutes. This way everyone will be able to check the catalog when they’re in the stacks.

20-Minute Rule

Since Drexel is an educational institution, any time there is not a line for computer use, please extend or eradicate the 20 minute usage rule.

Thanks for making this suggestion. In general, if there is no line, we allow patrons to use the standing computers on Hagerty’s first floor for more than the 20 minute limit. However, these computers are not meant to be used for lengthy projects or in ways that violate the university’s acceptable use policy.

Computers Staying Put

The new computers on the second floor are not secured to the table and look as if they could fall off and hit someone on the first floor.

Thanks for the comment. I’ve alerted our Systems Department, and they are checking the second floor computers to ensure their security.

Sticky Card Scanners

The printer in the side room on the first floor is *never* working properly. It’s always off center!

Thanks for writing. The card scanner screen in the first floor copy room does sometimes annoyingly shift off center so that you can’t read it. If this happens, please come to the reference desk—we have a tool to quickly get it back on track.

Internet News

The outlets all over the basement and the router cords in the basement quiet room do not work. Not every stall has an Ethernet cord and sometimes these cords do not work.

Scanner Rules

Please put a time limit on the copier and scanner on the entrance level. I understand there are other scanners, but they are a pain to work.

This seems fair. A time limit is difficult to enforce, as it would require library staff to stand at the scanners, stopwatches in hand.

Alumni Access

Please allow alumni to access some of the journals from home. Driving down to Philadelphia just to access the journal from Drexel’s computers is just wasting people’s time and gas.

Thanks for your comment.

Cookies Please?

The bad internet makes me cry. Could you give out complimentary cookies every few hours to help ease the pain?

The cookie brigade is busy, so instead we’ll offer you something better: Ethernet cables.

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