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Where's the Wireless? (Hagerty)

I am currently sitting in a carrel on the first floor with my laptop plugged into an Ethernet jack that doesn’t work, and, not surprisingly, neither does the wireless internet.  Where am I supposed to go to get my work done?

Scanners in the Cafe, please! [Hagerty Library]

Can 1-2 scanners (w/chairs) be placed in the Bookmark Cafe?  Thanks for consideration!

Thanks for your suggestion. We are not sure if scanners in the Bookmark Cafe would be the best idea- when we had public computer systems there, they were often unplugged and down for several days at a time.

More Ethernet outlets! [Hagerty Library]

Since the problems with the wireless internet are obviously not going to be fixed soon don't you think the intelligent solution would be to add significantly more ethernet outlets???!

Thanks for your suggestion. As you know, we have been working with IRT on a possible solution to the issues with DragonFly 3.

DragonFly Days [Hagerty Library]

We know you're frustrated about the quality of DragonFly 3 in the library.  Now, one of your peers has taken matters into his own hands: he has created a Google Docs survey to capture the appropriate data so that IRT can analyze the problem and come up with a solution.  Please contribut

Please fix! [Hagerty Library]

Please fix the power cords at cafe.

Thank you for your suggestion. We are aware that not all of the electrical outlets work in the building, but electricians have investigated the problem and determined that we will be unable to get the outlets functional without some major work.

Ethernet Renewal [Hagerty Library]

Can the ethernet cords be renewed without neccessarily having to unplug them from the device and bring it to the front desk to renew it?  That way an ongoing online work won't disappear (remain disconnected) after the ethernet cord is unplugged from device.  (Assume I do not have wireless connection).

Thanks for your question. Yes, we can do that!

Internet Anguish [Hagerty Library]

The Internet here in the library is really awful.  You'd think it should be the best in a place where people study, yet I get a faster, stable connection in my classrooms.  I have a Macbook and the Wi-Fi (Dragonfly) frequently cuts out.  Also, Dragonfly 3 rarely works or is at very low signal.

Thanks for your suggestion.

Technology Frustrations [Hagerty Library]

Get the internet to work always or computers to be working properly instead of spending 42 million dollars on a basketball court or ugly dragon lights!!!!

Thanks for your suggestion. IRT has been having some trouble with DragonFly 3 in the library and a few other locations around campus, but we are actively working with them on possible fixes.

More Computers! [Hagerty Library]

More computers in the library.  A student should never have to wait to do his/her work.  Put use the money where it matters.

Thank you for your suggestion. We are constantly trying to make the library more responsive to the needs of students.

DragonFly Woes [Hagerty Library]

The quality of the DragonFly and DragonFly 3 Wireless Network is really bad. Could you talk to the technical services to improve it? Thank you.

Thanks for your suggestion.

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