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Noise, Laptops, and Trees...Oh My! [Hagerty Library]

I understand the lower level glassed in room is a quiet room. However, this is insufficient quiet space. The café provides plenty of group space (along with the group study rooms), so I suggest making the entire lower level a quiet area. You need new laptops. I pay $20,000 a year here--there is funding somewhere. Otherwise, good job, but get the tree back.

Computer Date & Time [Hagerty Library]

Could you please fix the four computers on the second floor of the library? The dates and times are wrong.

Logging onto the Computers [Hagerty Library]

When I log in it would be nice if it also logged me into DrexelOne. No?

Printing Costs Too Much!! [Hagerty Library]

Why do printouts cost $0.25 from the counter but only $0.10 with a DragonCard?

Slow Wireless Internet [Hagerty Library]

Hello, I am a laptop computer. I like to go fast on the internet. But I become sad when I am in this library, because the internet here is absurdly slow.

Java on Laptops [Hagerty Library]

Could you please install JAVA on all of the laptops? All the desktops have it but when working in groups it's easier to use laptops.

Printing costs too much!! [Hagerty Library]

Why do we have to pay $0.10 or $0.25 for printouts?!!!

Scanner/Copiers [Hagerty Library]

Students are using the scanners to copy multiple chapters from the reserve texts. This is problematic because it is very time consuming and prevents others from using the scanner/copier.

Mike's Bikes [Hagerty Library]

Mike's Bikes.jpg

Can you put Mike's Bikes on your computer systems?

Printing at the Library [Hagerty Library]

Don’t charge 25 cents for a printout.

Thanks for your suggestion. Printing is still $.10 per page if you pay with the Ultima Funds on your DragonCard. If you don't have any Ultima Funds on your DragonCard, you can always add them using the machine here in the library or over at the DragonCard office. If for any reason you can't pay with your DragonCard, then printing is $.25 per page due to extra staff time required. We highly recommend you use your DragonCard--it's easier on all of us!

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