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ESL Software [Hagerty Library]

20% of students are international students. 50% of them don’t speak English really well. Should you have any software to support that?

What kind of software are you interested in? Please respond back and let us know. We do have the Windows XP language bar and foreign language character sets installed on the computers. We do our best to serve the broad range of student needs at Drexel, so please let us know what other software would benefit you.

No Internet? [Hagerty Library]

The left-most computer on the second floor has no Internet connection.

Thanks for letting us know. I have submitted a support request, so we should have that computer fixed shortly.

Maple on Computers [Hagerty Library]

Please update Maple. The permission is expired.

Maple 11 is on all the public systems already, although Maple 10 has not yet been removed. Our apologies for the confusion—we will work on removing the old software shortly.

Printing with Flex Dollars [Hagerty Library]

Is this not a Drexel facility?? Then why ON EARTH can't I use flex dollars to print?! Absolute stupidity!!

Thanks for your question. The library is currently set up to print only using Ultima Funds. If you don't have any Ultima Funds on your DragonCard, you can always add them either at the library or at the DragonCard Office. We will look into the possibility of allowing printing with flex dollars.

EndNote [Hagerty Library]


It would be nice if the computers had EndNote on them (unless I just picked exceptions in L13, L14, and 1st floor research computers).

Thanks for asking. All of our public PCs do indeed have EndNote on them. It should be available to you right on the desktop.

Volume on Computers [Hagerty Library]

Is it possible to change the computers in Room L13 so that the volume can be controlled from the volume (mixer) icon when a user utilizes headphones? Thank you.

We apologize for overlooking that. We are working to restore that as quickly as possible.

Photoshop [Hagerty Library]

Please install Photoshop on some of the library computers.

Thanks for asking. While this would be a nice addition, our scanners and computers are for basic scanning work only. We aren't able to support higher end graphics functionality here in the library yet. Sorry!

Printing in the Library [Hagerty Library]


The printer by the ground level computers is quite old and noisy. The noise is very distracting to those studying. Please invest in a new LaserJet.

Thanks for your great suggestion. You'll be happy to know new copiers and printers have indeed been ordered and should be in place within a few weeks.

Word Equation Editor 3.0 [Hagerty Library]

It's better to install Equation Editor in Word for all machines in the first floor.

Thank you for asking. All systems do already have MS Word Equation Editor 3.0 installed. If you go into Word's Insert Object Menu, you'll see Equations 3 as an option. Enjoy!

Google Toolbar [Hagerty Library]

Google Toolbar.gif

Please uninstall Google toolbar on the PCs. It is annoying, and it disables normal functions of IE, like edit--find.

Thanks for your suggestion. We'll take this into consideration, but so far this is the only request we've had to remove the Google toolbar. Most people seem to enjoy having it available.

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