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Printing Costs Too Much! [Hagerty Library]

The printing fee seems to be a bit excessive ($.25 per page?!). What is the reason for such a large increase in price?

What a great question. Printing is still $.10 per page if you pay with the Ultima Funds on your DragonCard. If you don't have any Ultima Funds on your DragonCard, you can always add them using the machine here in the library or over at the DragonCard office. If for any reason you can't pay with your DragonCard, then printing is $.25 per page due to extra staff time required.

Weak Wireless [Hagerty Library]

The dead spots and weak signal of the wireless Internet in the library is really bad and very frustrating. It’s not just my laptop, everyone experiences it. Please fix.

Thank you for your suggestion. We have received a number of complaints about this recently. Someone from IRT was here last week testing the wireless signal and strategizing how to improve the signal at Hagerty. Please let us know if things do not improve shortly.

What's Wrong With Matlab? [Hagerty Library]

Fix Matlab 7.4 on basement computers.

After testing Matlab on the lower level computers, we can’t find anything wrong with them. Can you be more specific as to the problem you are experiencing? Thanks!

Log on, log on, and log on again [Hagerty Library]

When we use the library computers, we sign on with our name and password, yet we still must enter our name and password again to access electronic resources or course reserves from the library website. I can see if we were accessing from home, but we are in the library and have already entered our credentials (username and password). Can that extra (yet annoying) step be eliminated somehow since we’re obviously already logged in?

Thanks for your question.

Can I customize the library's homepage? [Hagerty Library]


Love the fact that the search option is back on the home page.

Not sure how easy this is but would it be possible to have the option for students to choose what databases show up on the homepage (the ones they use the most). I mainly use it from home, so I am thinking about customization, but I guess that would be hard when dealing with general computer settings. Just a thought.

But this looks great.

Dragon Card printing [Hagerty Library]

Dragon Card.bmp

Please fix the dragon card printing machine. I find it very inconvenient to have to go to the circulation desk to have them release my printing, even more so if I am working in the basement or upstairs. Thank you.

Thank you very much for expressing your concern. We too have been frustrated that the DragonCard money machine has been out of order for several months.

We want more! [Hagerty Library]


I am delighted to say that we will be replacing the public computers and loaner laptops. We will also be adding new systems for public use during the summer.

Unfortunately, we are unable to extend the length of time patrons are able to check out Group Study Rooms. These rooms are in high demand, so it is imperative that we let as many students as possible take advantage of this service. Many thanks for your patience in this regard.

Laptops are in high demand! [Hagerty Library]


Please have more laptops available for students. Thanks!!

Thanks for your suggestion. We realize laptops are in high demand here at Hagerty Library. This summer we will be purchasing twenty new laptops to supplement and replace the older laptops. Additionally, we will have ten new laptops for circulation at Hahnemann Library. We hope you enjoy these new laptops!

Is my password public? [Hagerty Library]

When typing my username/password to enter a private online account (DrexelOne, Facebook, etc.), Windows asks if it should memorize this information for later use. If I accidentally hit “ok”, everyone using that computer will have access to my accounts. Please disable this feature of Windows.

Since you are logging into these systems with your Drexel username and password, your information is only available to your login and cannot be retrieved by anyone else using the same computer.

Public Computers [Hagerty Library]


The computers on the second floor are constantly taken up by people checking their e-mail so that one can't look up a book. Can we have at least one computer dedicated entirely to book look-up (since this is a library after all)?

Thanks for your suggestion. This summer we are starting on some renovations that will mean many more computers in the atrium areas of the second and third floors.

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