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Out of Order, Again?! [Hagerty Library]

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7 of the 36 computers (almost 20%) on the main floor of the library are "Out of Order." It seems like every time I walk in, another computer has been added to the "Out of Order" list, but none of the previously broken computers have been fixed. Please let us (the students) know who we need to go to in order to get the library the support it needs to make sure ALL computers are working for us.

New Scanners, Please! [Hagerty Library]


I would love for the library to invest some money in some new scanners! They are the same ones from when I was an undergrad and I graduated in 2003! Thanks! Also, better scanner software. P.S. The lid on the current scanner is broken!

Thank you for your suggestion. We are indeed planning to upgrade our scanners by the beginning of the next school year. Stay tuned for more details.

Movie Viewing Rooms [Hagerty Library]


Why do the VHS and DVD playing machines and TVs not work and no one knows how to fix them??

Thank you for your question. Our VHS & DVD players do in fact work generally, but we are investigating updating the hardware necessary to provide a better viewing experience for our students. Please stay tuned for more details.

Mozilla Firefox [Hagerty Library]


Please install Firefox on the stand-up computer stations. I hate IE7.

Thanks very much for your suggestion. Firefox is a standard part of our installation routine and will be on the standalone systems at the start of the next term. Enjoy!

Open Source Software [Hagerty Library]


Why are all of your computers still running that crappy Microsux OS? And now I hear that you’re actually making plans for Windows Vista?!?! I’ve got two words for you: open source! Here’s two more: Get Linux!!

Thank you for your suggestion, we do not plan to implement MS Vista anytime soon in the libraries.

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