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Happy Valentine's Day


Need some romantic inspiration?

It's too noisy!

The library—particularly the computer area—get really loud with people talking on the phone. For those of us without computers who must use Hagerty’s this is somewhat stressful. Is there a way to keep the library quieter? There are more social areas than study areas at Drexel.

Thanks for your comment.

No cell zone

Please make the entire library cell free. There is no reason patrons cannot take their calls outside. One third of the patrons come to the library to talk on their cell phones.  Thank you.

Thanks for the good idea. The noise level at the library is a constant issue.

King of horror

I would like more Stephen King books available.

Great suggestion! Please write back and let us know what specific titles you have in mind, so we can get exactly what you want.

Law School Library

Here is a comment we received during the last round of law school exams:

So 1/3 of Drexel's library is closed during law school exam  period. Okay, fine—I  get it. What I am curious about is why we are still letting in reciprocal ID students (especially Penn), even though we as Drexel students are not allowed in their library during their reading week (which, coincidentally is this week). This is mid terms week, so library demand is PEAK just among Drexel students, and I think that it's unfair that Penn students are allowed in here but we aren't allowed in their library.

Overnight Reserves

It would be nice to have an overnight borrowing option for textbooks on reserve. Especially during midterms or finals, where pulling all-nighters can be the norm. One possible option would be to allow textbooks borrowed after midnight to roll-over to the next day, and require them to be returned by 8 am.

Thanks for your thoughtful suggestion. The borrowing period for reserve items are determined by the faculty members who put the items on reserve. Some books have overnight borrowing periods.

Coconut Resources

My father suggested I learn more about farming coconuts, since it is part of my culture. Could we get a book about it?

Thanks for your question.

Film Criteria

Anything criterion NEEDS to be in our collection.

Thanks for the comment. Yes, the Criterion collection is very important (hence the name). In fact, because the films are so important (and often expensive), we keep most of our Criterion DVDs in the DVD reserve collection behind the circulation desk.

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