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Renovation News

Exterior Renovations to take place at W. W. Hagerty Library

Beginning on Monday, December 17th the sidewalk on the south side of Market Street at the entrance to W. W. Hagerty Library will be closed for a construction project. This project is expected to last through early January and the sidewalk will be closed in phases.

During this time the library and Café will be open as scheduled with building access via Market Street. Pedestrian traffic will be asked to cross Market Street via the east side of 33rd or at 34th street.

We apologize for an inconvenience this may cause.

Stairs Temporarily Closed

The stairwell between Hagerty's first and second floors is temporarily closed for reflooring. Please use the elevators to get between floors. We expect the stairs to reopen for use on Thursday the 17th.

Thanks for your patience while we beautify!

Third Floor Stairs

Workers are currently repairing and reflooring the stairs between Hagerty's second and third floors. This means that the steps are covered with smelly, sticky glue. Please be sure to observe the barriers to these steps so as to avoid undoing the careful work that's being done there, and also to avoid getting glue on the bottom of your shoes and tracking it through the library.

If you need to get to the third floor, please use the elevator, which is now open to all levels of the Hagerty building.

Thanks for your cooperation and patience.

First Floor Carpeting

Hagerty Library's first floor is getting new carpeting this week. Different areas of the floor will be occupied by carpeters, meaning furniture may be moved, noise may be made, and smells may ensue.  Please stick with us while we improve the library.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Hagerty Stair Closings

Portions of the stairways in Hagerty Library will be closed throughout the week as workers finish the flooring project. When you come to a closed section of the stairway, please use the elevators.

All work will be done after 5pm this week.

Thanks for your cooperation and patience while we make improvements.

Am I hearing things?


We're making a some noise in the library over break. We know, we know, we're supposed to be quiet, but we have a good excuse: renovations.

During the break workers will be installing new lighting fixtures and ceiling tiles, and also doing some painting around Hagerty--especially on the second floor. It makes some noise, but we figure better now than when you're trying to concentrate on school work.

Workers are also preparing to begin new carpet installation in January.

Ceiling Renovations

If you were on Hagerty's first floor yesterday evening, you may have noticed that some work was being done on the ceiling tiles near the back of the building. This work will continue through the week around the perimeter of the first floor.

Fear not--work on the ceiling tiles will be suspended during exam week in order to avoid disturbing students. Until then, we appreciate your patience; we may have to ask you to move tables to make room for ladders.

Candy Happy Hour

Ah, sweet it is.

Hagerty's welcoming you back with candy. Meet us in the café between 5 and 6 today, check out the new interior design and food options, catch up with the library, and most important: eat candy.

See you there.

Searching the Stacks?

Starting Monday August 24th, part of Hagerty's 2nd floor stacks will be closed for renovation. Need a book between HG185 and JN1? Let someone at the Circulation Desk know and they'll get it for you.

Not sure what your book's call number is? Look it up in the catalog. You'll see a note that says: "Area under renovation--request this item at the Circulation Desk." If you don't see this note, or if your book is outside the range between C and JX, feel free to browse yourself.

Eating at Hagerty

As you may know, Hagerty Library has recently received many comments about its policy against meals in the building.

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