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Thanks, Bill!

Bill at the front desk was extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

Thanks so much for the nice comment. We like to hear what we’re doing well and when—especially when we’re being helpful. Bill gets an extra gold star.

Library tote bags: not just for loan anymore

I like your loaner library bags. Could they be sold as a fundraiser?

We love this idea and we are looking into selling them in the near future. Thanks for the suggestion!

Wireless Update

Internet access at this library has been seriously screwed up for almost a year now, if not longer. Recently it’s gotten a little better and the effort represented by the Ethernet cords is appreciated, although they haven’t worked each time I’ve tried to use them. Still, I have to ask: who is working on the wireless? Is the administration aware of the extent of the problem?

Book Parts

Your Legacy

Almost all freshman year students will be enrolled in English 103 this term, and most instructors have made Legacies a required text.

Keeping it Quiet (Hagerty Library)