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Dragon Dollars for Printing [Hagerty Library]

DragonCards have limited liquidity. I do not want to put money on them, ever. Offer credit/debit payment options.

Great job! [Hagerty Library]

You’re doing a great job, guys!

Caffeine Recharge Needed! [Hagerty Library]

I think Sunday evenings would be a great time to sell coffee.

"Good Reads" Online [Hagerty Library]

Please have a list of recommended books to read online as well. I noticed that you have it at the suggestion board. Having online book recommendations would just be awesome.

Why no change for parking? [Hagerty Library]

Why is there a “no change” policy? The only people asking for change would be Drexel students that drive. Is there a good reason to inconvenience us?

Thanks! [Hagerty Library]

I love the library so much. You guys work hard. Thank you.

Reserve a Textbook [Hagerty Library]

Can you implement a course reserves system so students can reserve a textbook for a certain date and time? That will give students peace of mind!

The Late-Night Munchies [Hagerty Library]

The 24-hour café is a great idea, but the food counter should be 24-hours also!

Group Study Room Reservations [Hagerty Library]

Please devise a system so students will know when the next room will be available for group study.

Alumni Access [Hagerty Library]

Please provide online databases for alumni use. We need this to stay abreast of our field.

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