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Too many signs--too much confusion [Hagerty Library]

Sign Moose Resize.jpg

Why do you put so many notes everywhere? 6 “Books only”, “No VHS” at auto-checkouts, tons of “No food or drink”, etc…They make our library so ugly and unprofessional!!!

Thanks for your concern. Hagerty Library hangs signs to clarify student privileges and the library’s policies. We make an effort to post only those signs that are absolutely necessary.

Where can I study in peace? [Hagerty Library]

People are always so loud in the little food lounge you have. Please stop them.

We are sorry you’ve had difficulty studying in the Food and Drink Lounge in the Lower Level. The entire Lower Level of Hagerty Library, including the Food and Drink Lounge, is designated as the area where conversation and group work are allowed. If you would like a quiet place to study, we recommend you use the second and third floors—those are designated quiet areas.

Dragon Card printing [Hagerty Library]

Dragon Card.bmp

Please fix the dragon card printing machine. I find it very inconvenient to have to go to the circulation desk to have them release my printing, even more so if I am working in the basement or upstairs. Thank you.

Thank you very much for expressing your concern. We too have been frustrated that the DragonCard money machine has been out of order for several months.

We want more! [Hagerty Library]


I am delighted to say that we will be replacing the public computers and loaner laptops. We will also be adding new systems for public use during the summer.

Unfortunately, we are unable to extend the length of time patrons are able to check out Group Study Rooms. These rooms are in high demand, so it is imperative that we let as many students as possible take advantage of this service. Many thanks for your patience in this regard.

Can we keep our books longer? [Hagerty Library]

Graduate students should be able to check out books for longer than one month.

Thanks for your suggestion. As graduate and undergraduate students share many of the same resources, we are unable to extend loan periods for graduate students. We want to ensure that as many students as possible are able to utilize the library’s resources. Graduate and undergraduate students can check out resources for 28 days with 2 renewals.

Laptops are in high demand! [Hagerty Library]


Please have more laptops available for students. Thanks!!

Thanks for your suggestion. We realize laptops are in high demand here at Hagerty Library. This summer we will be purchasing twenty new laptops to supplement and replace the older laptops. Additionally, we will have ten new laptops for circulation at Hahnemann Library. We hope you enjoy these new laptops!

Public Computers [Hagerty Library]


The computers on the second floor are constantly taken up by people checking their e-mail so that one can't look up a book. Can we have at least one computer dedicated entirely to book look-up (since this is a library after all)?

Thanks for your suggestion. This summer we are starting on some renovations that will mean many more computers in the atrium areas of the second and third floors.

24-7 Library [Hagerty Library]


Why don’t you have the library open overnight?

You’ll be happy to hear that Hagerty Library will be open 24 hours a day during Week 10 and Exam Week of this Spring Term! Starting 7:30am on Wednesday, June 6, Hagerty will remain open 24 hours until the end of the exam period at 10:00pm on Saturday, June 16.

Out of Order, Again?! [Hagerty Library]

Out of Order.jpg

7 of the 36 computers (almost 20%) on the main floor of the library are "Out of Order." It seems like every time I walk in, another computer has been added to the "Out of Order" list, but none of the previously broken computers have been fixed. Please let us (the students) know who we need to go to in order to get the library the support it needs to make sure ALL computers are working for us.

Library Cafe?! [Hagerty Library]


First, the snacks and coffee provided during finals week was a really nice gesture. Second, the DVD collection for loan is a welcome addition to the library facilities. Third, many suggestions were made about hot water facilities and a microwave in the library. This is probably, in my opinion, due to students studying the whole day and not wanting to get out of the library for food/coffee. Hot water and microwave is much needed.

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