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Libraries Introduces Expanded Lending Kiosk

Last year, the Libraries introduced a Laptop Lending Kiosk to the Drexel community and news of the self-checkout kiosk made international headlines. It became one of Drexel’s most popular news stories of 2013.

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Carpets are filthy.

True, some of Hagerty’s carpets have seen better days. Even the world’s most durable carpets would quickly wear down under the foot traffic that the library gets on a daily basis. We’ll be shampooing the carpets soon.

Update (Sept. 27, 2011): The Carpets near the computer hubs on the first floor were shampooed this morning! The second floor will be shampooed sometime in the next week or two.

Computer Bugs

This afternoon I saw one orange little thing like a baby fly on the monitor of my computer. I tried to catch it, but I failed. Then after awhile, I got six bites. I am thinking maybe there are bugs at the library.

I think you may be right. I’m really sorry to hear about your bug bites. Although this is the first we’ve heard of biting bugs, we’ve been aware of the bug problem for awhile. They seem to come and go with the seasons, and right now is clearly bug season at Hagerty. We’ve called facilities and they are monitoring the situation.

Bathroom Break

Fix the paper towel dispenser in the basement level bathroom. Also the bathroom doors tend to lock you in. The first floor bathroom tends to smell a lot as well.

Thanks for writing. I think you were talking about the men’s bathroom, since the women’s has been closed since before you wrote. As of today the towel dispenser in the men’s lower-level bathroom was working properly. If you have the problem again, would you please tell us the specifics so that we can fix it? We know that the first floor bathrooms do not smell fantastic.

Scanners, printers, computers, and more

We've had two comments about our machinery here at Hagerty:

The Dragon card station is out of order, the copier is out of order, and there are no computers available. I pay Ivy League tuition, but get a community college library at Drexel.

This library is in bad shape. I printed a document. It came out so faint I could hardly read it. I tried to print another document, and it wouldn’t print, so a librarian told me to have it printed at circulation. But they couldn’t take my Dragon card because the reader was broken.

Beeps and Buzzes

That high-pitched beeping at Hagerty Library is not the sound of you losing your mind--it's our alarm system. We're doing some testing today, and the beeping will continue throughout the day. You might even hear a fire alarm--but you won't need to respond unless instructed to do so by a library staff member.

Thanks for your patience during the auditory intrusion. Just think how great the sound of silence will be when it's all over tomorrow.

Where's the microwave?

Please bring back the microwave.

I'm sorry we had to get rid of the microwave. You see, the problem is that there is no staff here to maintain it and keep it clean. The dirty microwave recently caught on fire, and we absolutely can not have fire in the café or the library. So we had to remove it.

Insomnia Causes Insomnia

Hear that rumbling?  It's not an earthquake, it's not SEPTA, it's Insomnia Cookies.  Not that I'm trying to sleep next to their truck, but isn't that an ironic name, given their constantly running generator?

So, Drexel: is insomnia cookies worth a 70db engine monotone all day long?  If they get this privilege, then I want free reign to set up my grunge band in the middle of Chestnut and rock out.

Why, now that you mention it, I do hear that rumbling, as do many of our library users and staff members.

You've probably guessed that this is an ongoing issue.

The Cafe Door

Must we scan our IDs to enter Bookmark from within the library? It seems to serve no purpose, as we have already scanned IDs at the library entrance. Also, the alarm that goes off fairly frequently is incredibly annoying and disturbing.

Thanks for asking. It’s all about the 33rd Street door and Taco Bell.  When Taco Bell is open, the 33rd Street door of the cafe is unlocked and accessible to the public, which means that we must keep the door into the main part of W. W. Hagerty secure in order to protect the library and students.

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