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Not clean enough.

How so? We have cleaning staff at Hagerty whenever the library is open, so if you encounter a specific problem with cleanliness, please let someone at the reference or circulation desk know, and we’ll find someone to fix it right away. We’d also like to hear about it if you’ve noticed a specific problem over time. If we know about it, we can fix it. Please do be sure to give us details, though; if we don’t know what the specific problem is, we won’t be able to fix it.

Thanks for your comment.

Grimy Keys

Please wipe down the keyboards; they are getting greasy and nasty.

Thanks for letting us know. We clean the computers and keyboards regularly, but they do get gunky between their baths. We will check on them soon. Meanwhile, if you need a cleaner keyboard, please visit the reference desk for a cleansing cloth.

More Recycling

There should be more paper recycling bins!

Good point. You can never have too much of a good thing. I’ve made some calls around the library, and we’re on the case. Thanks for the good idea.

What's Wrong With a Sandwich?

I am not really sure why there is the no food policy throughout the library. Yes, it can cause messes, but 99% of the time student are careful and cleanup after themselves.

Desperately Seeking Scanners

The new study sections on the second floor are nice, but they were also useful before with computers and scanners. Please bring back the scanners; the one on the ground floor is singular and difficult to operate.

Thanks for writing. I’m glad you like the new study spaces. We like them too. To accommodate the reduction in computers and scanners on the second floor, we’ve added more computers and scanners on Hagerty’s lower level. The scanners on the lower level are the type that were on the second floor.

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