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The Cafe Door

Must we scan our IDs to enter Bookmark from within the library? It seems to serve no purpose, as we have already scanned IDs at the library entrance. Also, the alarm that goes off fairly frequently is incredibly annoying and disturbing.

Thanks for asking. It’s all about the 33rd Street door and Taco Bell.  When Taco Bell is open, the 33rd Street door of the cafe is unlocked and accessible to the public, which means that we must keep the door into the main part of W. W. Hagerty secure in order to protect the library and students.

Magazines in the Bookmark Cafe

Did you know that there are a bunch of magazines in the Bookmark Cafe that you can take home and keep? Well there are. Please take them!

If you're looking for some diverting reading during the long lead up to finals, why not grab a magazine from the Cafe? It's free and you don't have to bring it back. When you're done, just pass it on to a friend.

How's the food?

Got an opinion about the dining options at Drexel? Fill out this survey and make it known. Taco Bell, housed at Hagerty Library, is in the mix!

If you have any questions, please contact Kaitlyn Ambrosiani at or 215-895-1562.

Café restored

The Bookmark Café has been restored to its pre-orientation furniture arrangement, and we hope this makes for a more comfortable area for you.

During new student orientation we had kind of an odd seating arrangement in the café to accommodate the hundreds of incoming first-years who swarmed through Hagerty Library twice a week.  We really appreciate your patience with the whole p

Drexel Food

Need a study break? Take the Drexel dining survey, and tell the university what you think of the food options on campus.

Taco Bell is on the survey, so if you love to eat cheesy gorditas while reading library books, here's your chance to say so.

Coffee Bell

Can you please get rid of Taco Bell and put in a café? Hahnemann has a really nice one. Who wanted Taco Bell?

Thanks for the suggestion.

Bookmark Café: 24/7

Hagerty Library works long and hard to get you the resources you need, but we don't go 24/7 until finals.

If you're looking for 24/7 study space, look no further than the

A Call for Coffee

Please put a Starbucks in the library.

Thanks for your suggestion. The Bookmark Café is Hagerty Library’s designated food vending area, and that space is pretty full with Taco Bell.

Bookmark Café

Here’s a comment from a recent post on the Bookmark Café:

It's ridiculous. The place SMELLS terrible despite the cleaning schedule. We need an ID to swap both in AND out of the cafe, even when taco bell is closed (which doesn't make any sense). And coffee is the most practical addition to the 24-HOUR cafe. There’s a taco bell on 34th and walnut and at 30th street station! Why do we need one here? If anything, we need affordable coffee (like Dunkin Donuts). I mean, COME ON, it's a TWENTY-FOUR HOUR CAFE!

I Need Coffee!

Look, I'm used to the place smelling like a taco and finding ground beef in the seats, but we really need them to start serving coffee. This is a library! C'mon! Many thanks.

Ah, coffee, sweet nectar of the library.

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