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Got Wireless? IRT Seeking Feedback

To assist in diagnosing problems with wireless connectivity in the New College Building, IRT has asked that anyone experiencing difficulty connecting to the wireless service in Hahnemann Library, or elsewhere in the building, provide information to them about the problem by completing the form at  Your assistance in improving wireless service will be greatly appreciated!

More Jacks

It’s probably a pipe dream, but more working network jacks would be awesome.

Thanks for your suggestion. At this point we don’t have the funds to add more Ethernet jacks, and we don’t expect to receive those funds. The university’s hope is that Dragonfly will address the need for students to get online throughout campus.

Internet News

The outlets all over the basement and the router cords in the basement quiet room do not work. Not every stall has an Ethernet cord and sometimes these cords do not work.

Countdown to the Cram: Hagerty Tip 9

Another way Hagerty can help you make it to the end of finals in one piece.

Mental Health Break

All work and no play will definitely make you duller during exams. You've got to take a break every once in awhile. Give your brain a rest and do something enjoyable.

Countdown to the Cram: Hagerty Tip 8

Another tip on how Hagerty can help make exam week smooth sailing.


If you're working out problems this week in the library, you don't have to rely on that little calculator provided in Windows.

Countdown to the Cram: Hagerty Tip 6

Continuing the countdown of 10 ways to use Hagerty for low-stress, high-efficiency studying.

Reference Help

Whether your looking for articles for your term paper or just want to verify a fact, Hagerty reference staff is here to help.

Wireless Upgraded at Hagerty

Just in time for for last classes and finals, when use is at the heaviest, wireless access at Hagerty Library has been much improved.

IRT has completed upgrading the wireless infrastructure in Hagerty Library by more than tripling the number of access points from 15 to 47.

Countdown to the Cram: Hagerty Tip 4

Continuing the countdown of 10 ways to use Hagerty for low-stress, high-efficiency studying.

Laptops and Ethernet Cables

Don't freak out if your home computer crashes! Don't despair if all the desktops are taken in Hagerty!

Cookies Please?

The bad internet makes me cry. Could you give out complimentary cookies every few hours to help ease the pain?

The cookie brigade is busy, so instead we’ll offer you something better: Ethernet cables.

Wireless Update

Internet access at this library has been seriously screwed up for almost a year now, if not longer. Recently it’s gotten a little better and the effort represented by the Ethernet cords is appreciated, although they haven’t worked each time I’ve tried to use them. Still, I have to ask: who is working on the wireless? Is the administration aware of the extent of the problem?

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