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final exams

Finals: Spring 2011

There is a banner on my computer. “For finals we are making room…” for June 2nd through 11th.” That was six weeks ago!

Thanks for writing and alerting us to the oversight. We’ll be sure to double check and update the banners on all of the library computers.

Hagerty Library 24/7

During Drexel's Final Exam Period (June 2-June 11), Hagerty Library* will be open 24/7 for all current students, faculty, and staff. During this time the library will be closed to the general public, alumni, and reciprocal university affiliates (University of the Sciences of Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania, and Temple University). The library will reopen to everyone on Monday June 13.

Anyone needing special access during this time should contact the Circulation Desk (215) 895-2767 or

The Final Final

Winter wren -- Motacilla trogl... Digital ID: 821664. New York Public LibraryFinals are over! (almost.) Whether you've finished your finals or you have a few more hours ahead of you, Drexel University Libraries wishes you peaceful passage to the end of 2010.

Sticking around awhile longer?

Hagerty Library: Now 24/7

Final exams start next week, and Hagerty library's giving you a head start.

Beginning this Thursday, August 26th, the library will be open 24/7. We won't close again until 5pm on Saturday, September 4th. During this time, we will restrict access to members of the current Drexel community. Alumni and members of the public will be welcomed back on Sunday, September 5th.

This means that if you're up cramming for a final at 3 in the morning over the next week or so, you can come over here and get some work done.

Hagerty Library: 24/7

Starting today and through the end of finals, Hagerty Library will be open everyday, 24 hours a day.

The heat is on to get stuff done, and we're here to help you. Cool down in the air conditioning and get to work.

It's a long (non)holiday weekend

Happy long weekend!

Oh, wait; it's week 10.

Well, at least the library's open. If you're spending your holiday reviewing for exams, swing by Hagerty. We've got all the stuff you need*, and we're open all weekend. We'll even be at the reference desk all weekend, awaiting your request for information.

Taking a study break? Come over anyway and stock up on DVDs for the ultimate in rest and relaxation.

*like: course books, reference help, computers, laptops, books, journals, DVDs, group study rooms, headphones, ear plugs, calculators, etc.

Restricted access comes early to Hagerty

Graduation brings added pressure to get your stuff done on time. This means that the final exam study period begins earlier than usual this term, and Hagerty Library is doing what it can to accommodate the rush.

From Monday, May 31st through Friday, June 11th, Hagerty Library will be open only to current members of the Drexel community. Drexel Alumni, members of the public, and those with reciprocal borrowing privileges will not have access during this time.

These restrictions do not apply to those visiting Drexel Archives on the library's lower level.

Morning Rush @ DU Libraries

Whether you got a great night's sleep or have been cramming all night, you're going to need a good charge on the morning of your final exams. Stop by Hagerty and Hahnemann libraries on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday during finals and have coffee, tea, and healthy snack on us.

Our Morning Rush coffee breaks are sponsored by the Provost's Office and University Housing.

Finals: 24/7

Waking up at 2am in a cold sweat about your upcoming exams?

Don't toss and turn--head on down to Hagerty.

During Drexel’s final exam period (March 11- March 20), Hagerty Library will open to current Drexel students, staff, and faculty 24x7.

Our 24/7 period will also include restrictions to ensure that the Drexel community has all the space they need.

Week 10 (Again)

Can you believe it's already Week 10?

Projects are due, finals loom, and Drexel Libraries are here to ease the pain.

Need a text book? Look it up in the library catalog, or look up your course by number or instructor name to see if we have it on reserve.

Looking for that journal article you read for week 2 and then threw away?

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