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law school

Study Space

Hello, It’s midterm time and the law school (third floor) is closed to everyone except law students. Today in the afternoon, the rest of library was full. Me and my friend couldn’t find a table or chair anywhere, so we decided to go to the third floor. There had to be seven students up there with dozens of open tables and chairs.

Not Enough Quiet

Here’s another comment from a recent blog posting about restrictions on Hagerty’s 3rd floor.

...I think that this restriction blocks everyone else us from having the opportunity to study in a non talkative environment. The other levels of the library tend to get really LOUD especially with people holding conversations and talking on their cell phones. Some of us do really want the opportunity to study in a quite area; and the only way to truly get that is to study on the 3rd floor.

Third Floor Restrictions

People are commenting about Hagerty’s 3rd floor restrictions. Here’s what one student has to say:

It is messed up how the 3rd floor is about to be restricted again. We should have access any day in the year. We have exams and tests and need room to study as well. There is no reason that we can’t use it while there’s only 5 people using the whole floor. Kill the restriction, or we break it.

Thanks for your comments.

Growing Pains

We’ve recently received several questions from non-law students asking why Hagerty’s third floor is closed during law school exams. We understand your frustration.

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