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Insomnia Causes Insomnia

Hear that rumbling?  It's not an earthquake, it's not SEPTA, it's Insomnia Cookies.  Not that I'm trying to sleep next to their truck, but isn't that an ironic name, given their constantly running generator?

So, Drexel: is insomnia cookies worth a 70db engine monotone all day long?  If they get this privilege, then I want free reign to set up my grunge band in the middle of Chestnut and rock out.

Why, now that you mention it, I do hear that rumbling, as do many of our library users and staff members.

You've probably guessed that this is an ongoing issue.

It's too noisy!

The library—particularly the computer area—get really loud with people talking on the phone. For those of us without computers who must use Hagerty’s this is somewhat stressful. Is there a way to keep the library quieter? There are more social areas than study areas at Drexel.

Thanks for your comment.

No cell zone

Please make the entire library cell free. There is no reason patrons cannot take their calls outside. One third of the patrons come to the library to talk on their cell phones.  Thank you.

Thanks for the good idea. The noise level at the library is a constant issue.

Shush up!

I have consistent issues with the quiet room in the basement of the library.  People answer their cell phones, listen to their head phones very loud, whisper, and even have full conversations.  I realize that college students should realize and respect what a quiet room is, but I was wondering if it would be possible to have clearer signs so people are reminded that this behavior is unacceptable.  It's distracting to listen to it, or to constantly ask people to be quiet.

Thanks for writing. I'm sorry you're being disturbed by the noise.

Alarm fatigue

I go to the library to concentrate, yet it seems like I should just give up and study at my apartment. Yesterday a loud alarm went off in the basement (it does so frequently) for 15 minutes straight and no one at the front desk had a key to turn it off. Even when a guard came to try to fix it, the alarm kept going off.

We are very sorry for this disruption. Believe us, we hate it too.

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Noise Reduction

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