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Study Break

Drexel Food

Need a study break? Take the Drexel dining survey, and tell the university what you think of the food options on campus.

Taco Bell is on the survey, so if you love to eat cheesy gorditas while reading library books, here's your chance to say so.

Morning Rush @ DU Libraries

Whether you got a great night's sleep or have been cramming all night, you're going to need a good charge on the morning of your final exams. Stop by Hagerty and Hahnemann libraries on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday during finals and have coffee, tea, and healthy snack on us.

Our Morning Rush coffee breaks are sponsored by the Provost's Office and University Housing.

Countdown to the Cram: Hagerty Tip 10

The list goes on for ever, but here's the last of the top 10 ways Hagerty can help you fight the beast named final exams.

Nap Time

Could it be? Could finals be coming to an end?

Countdown to the Cram: Hagerty Tip 9

Another way Hagerty can help you make it to the end of finals in one piece.

Mental Health Break

All work and no play will definitely make you duller during exams. You've got to take a break every once in awhile. Give your brain a rest and do something enjoyable.

Countdown to the Cram: Hagerty Tip 5

Hot study tip #5.

Snack and Soda Machines

Stop by Hagerty's vending machines at the back of the Bookmark Cafe for whatever you're craving during study break--sweet, salty, crunchy, and even healthy. We've got drinks too.

Candy Bar Happy Hour: Tuesday, 5 to 6:30 p.m.