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E-Book Expo: Lyrasis Panel Discussion (archive)

Last Friday, I was very pleased to participate as part of this panel discussion being held by Lyrasis at the Harrisburg University of Science and Technology in Harrisburg Pa.

Information Systems & Technology Associations

Professional associations are good investments. Whether you are networking for a job, keeping skills up to date or just seeking the company of colleagues, your reward from participating will exceed your investment many times over. I have only included groups that I know to have an active chapter in the Philadelphia area, just as a way to illustrate the F2F aspect of association activity and provide ideas of associations that are likely to exist anywhere.

INFO 520 "I want to compare these two associations..."

This is a perennial project for the INFO 520 class. And I always wonder how far to go in responding to the questions I get about it. Aren't all these librarians-in-training just overflowing with ambition and creative ideas for research projects like this? Well... I guess for those full of verve, they don't need my help and this posting won't hurt them. And for the ones that can use the encouragement, at least they'll have to wade through my sermonizing to get to the useful advice, and hopefully be better for it.

DUSLA Makes Mark at Philly SLA Board Meeting & Spring Banquet

The Drexel student chapter of SLA aka "DUSLA" really made a mark at the last SLA Philly Board meeting! The Board convened to a full agenda May 9th, at the bucolic Radnor Township “Willows” historic mansion, just prior to the Spring Banquet.

Philly AIDS Library 20th Anniversary - 6/28

I'd like to let you know about the AIDS Library 20th Anniversary on Thursday June 28th. Very timely as June happens to be AIDS Education Month. Way back when in graduate school, I was classmates with Jenny Pierce, who is a Librarian at the AIDS Library. I volunteered at the AIDS Library for a time as well.

I probably don't need to tell you about all of the important work that this group of people have accomplished in the past 20 years (

Help rebrand the library profession

Six participants in this year’s Emerging Leaders program have been charged with creating or finding options for “rebranding the library profession in the digital world.” The Project KK group has crafted a survey intended to go out to as broad a spectrum of library professionals as possible to analyze current perceptions and future trends in librarianship.

NFAIS 2007 Conference Commentary

Not since the height of the boom have I participated in a conference where the sense of change underway made it seem like the very ground beneath my feet was shifting. Let me back up a minute to describe what NFAIS is - the National Federation of Abstracting and Indexing Services. Celebrating its fiftieth year of existence NFAIS is the professional association for top executives of library database vendors. Usually when I attend a conference it's a bunch of librarians or teachers talking about how fast the web and users are changing and how we've got to run to keep in place. This one really brought home to me how the vendors are in the same boat - something I've known intellectually but hadn't appreciated on an emotional level until I felt some of these speakers take the audience on what amounted to a roller coaster thrill ride of both the exciting and dire possibilities brought about by the advent of Web 2.0.

Impressions of SLA Baltimore Conference 2006

As an afterthought it seems to make sense to cross-post my entry on the DU SLA Student Chapter blog over to this one - just to keep everything in one place. I will preface my remarks by saying that while I've attended several SLA conferences as a day-tripper, this was the first time I stayed for the duration. The glamor of three days marching around the Baltimore Convention Center with so many other librarians, all wearing sensible shoes! ; ) Seriously - I enjoyed myself like a kid in a candy shop.

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