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Solar Energy

Making the Most of the Sun – Jonathan Spanier to Speak at March ScholarSip Event

Society has an insatiable demand for energy, and solar energy remains the most promising and abundant source of renewable, clean energy to replace our current reliance on fossil fuels. However, in 2010, less than .2% of global consumption of electricity was from solar. So, why isn’t large-scale production of electricity from solar more prevalent?

Solar Energy Resources



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Green Dream from Popular Science

John B. Carnett, PopSci's staff photographer, is using the latest green technology to build his dream home. This is the first entry in his new blog tracking the build--follow along at

See: Green Dream: A Solar Power Plant in Your Backyard

Wind, Solar Could Play Bigger Roles in Future US Energy Mix

Wind, Solar Could Play Bigger Roles in Future US Energy Mix

"U.S. climate change legislation now before Congress would mandate that by 2020, 15 to 20 percent of the nation's electricity supply would come from renewable sources like wind and solar.

Currently wind and solar contribute only about 2 percent, with hydropower providing an additional 6 percent.

The new report examines the potential of wind and solar electricity in the United States
Can these renewable sources meet the nation's energy needs?

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