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Students' reflections

Freshman Design 2008: Andrew Cebulski and his team's Final Design Report on Diet Management

Andrew Cebulski and his team members last year worked on their freshman design project titled 'Diet Management'. See below for the Abstract and a link to their Full design report.


The cell phone dietary monitoring system is intended to easily record the user’s food intake, and also provide information that is important to their diet plan. The device is designed to utilize a Bluetooth headset, which will be able to listen for the user to begin chewing. The headset will also be able to take in the name and portion size of a food.

A graduate student finds IEEE Xplore and ACM Digital Library useful for his class project

Adil Mudassir, a graduate student in Electrical and Computer Engineering, recounts his literature search experience for a class assignment for a course during the Spring term.

In his own words:

"I attended a library information seminar in Fall 07 and through it, got to know about the plethora of information and resources made available at the library. This was useful for me during the ECE-C633 course I took this Spring under Dr. Sethu. We were to do a literature survey and critique a technical paper in the field of networking.

What resources the Senior Design Team used that Win $75,000 Phase II EPA Funding?

The senior design team of Eric Eisele, Courtney Reid, Dan Pugh, Sarah Byrnes, and Charlie Woods was awarded a Phase II People, Prosperity, and Planet Award from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  See Senior Design Team wins EPA funding for more details.

Eric and his team used several Library resources over a period of time.  These include:

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