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School of Education

ERIC Workaround During Sequester Outage

Due to the Federal Government sequester, my favorite publicly accessible interface to the ERIC aka "Education Research Information Clearinghouse" database is not working.  In place of using the awesome website, I recommend the first of the following two vendor platform options. Especially notice how they each handle searches that utilize the ERIC Thesaurus (which I highly recommend you use for precise and powerful searching.)

Using RefWorks to Produce a Custom Annotated Bibliography

Annotated bibliographies can be managed in a variety of ways. Based on a recent interaction I will share the steps outlined for an EdD student who wanted to try using RefWorks.


New Education Videos

The Library database "Education in Video" has been updated with 96 new videos equaling 37 additional hours.

Many New Education e-Books Coming in Feb 2013

We are delighted to announce that starting in February your e-book options for education topics will be greatly expanded! We anticipate adding a large batch (1000's!) of current education e-books through a new arrangement with our eBrary vendor. You can find these new e-books in three ways.

Many of you will be familiar with searching by keyword or browsing by subjects linked to each book's short descriptive record in our old-style  catalog.

KhanAcademy founder envisions new university -inte...

KhanAcademy founder envisions new university -internships &self-paced learning in his book The One World School House

School uses MS Kinect videogame "Happy Action Thea...

School uses MS Kinect videogame "Happy Action Theater" to reach autistic children who need hi sensory input tttp://

Common core standards= 70% nonfiction by teachers....

Common core standards= 70% nonfiction by teachers. “effect ... is to drive literature out of the English classroom,”

Workaround to Suspended ERIC Full-text ED Documents

As many of you are aware, the website sponsored by the US Department of Education has suspended access to many of its user-contributed, full-text documents - those with accession numbers starting with the letters "ED." This was done to isolate and begin removing sensitive personal information found in some portion of the older documents that had previously been available on microfiche.

Accessing Chronicle of Higher Education

The question of how to best access the Chronicle of Higher Education frequently gets asked on our Library Help instant message question service, or to me directly.  Several options exist with varying degrees of ease and number of steps. I offer you the most common options so you can choose based on your situation and preferences.


Summary of Recent Orientations for Graduate Students

Many graduate courses for the School of Education have research projects that are coming into focus at this point in the term. Permit me to summarize the points I have covered in recent webinars with a few links and comments below.


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