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Engineering for Change with its Launch of Online Platform for Collaboration and Problem Solving

Engineering for Change provides a forum to connect, collaborate, solve challenges and share knowledge among a growing community of engineers, technologists, social scientists, NGOs, local governments and community advocates, who are dedicated to improving the quality of life all over the world. E4C is bridging technology and humanitarian development.

EGMT 515: Infrastructure Systems and Performance Evaluation: Data Sites - Transportation related

Transportation Asset Management:

Transportation Asset Management relies heavily on highly organized and integrated data to support informed and comprehensive decision-making.

Drexel Smart House highlighted on the CSR blog from Forbes

The Drexel Smart House is a unique multidisciplinary project working toward the goal of creating a building that functions like a home and serves as a laboratory to continually conduct research on innovations to the home experience.

Ground breaking innovations in rich media format from Urweb

Browse, share with friends and colleagues a glimpse of
tomorrow's world with amazing new technology briefs.

U.D. Department of Energy - Building Technologies Program

The Building Technologies Program is specifically designed and structured to conduct the key activities required to meet its vision, mission, and energy goals, which have been developed in an open and consultative process and are linked to the strategic objectives of EERE.

Creating a Culture for Scholarly and Systematic Innovation in Engineering Education

American Society for Engineering Education's initiative, “Advancing the Scholarship of Engineering Education: A Year of Dialogue,” involving discussions within the society on the role and importance of educational scholarship to ensure the long-term excellence of U.S. engineering education.

National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering.

The mission of the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB) is to improve health by leading the development and accelerating the application of biomedical technologies.

Smart Bioenergy: Guiding Sustainable Bio-based Energy and Fuels Development

Use of bioenergy—energy produced from organic matter or biomass—has the potential to increase energy security, promote economic development, and decrease global warming pollution.

Using Scirus: Nanotechnology Patent Searching

Scirus is a comprehensive science and engineering specific search engine that searches open-access websites as well as peer-reviewed content from publisher sites. You can also search and retrieve patents using Scirus.

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