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Bionformatics Resources

Bioinformatics is an emerging field of science that is concerned with the management, analysis and visualization of the flood of data being generated in molecular and cellular biology, genomics and other areas of biology and biomedicine. Center for Integrated Bioinformatics focuses on a system approach to bioinformatics in which information at the gene, protein, cell, tissue, organ, and system level is integrated and interpreted for early detection, accurate diagnosis, and effective treatment of complex diseases such as cancer. The overall objective of the educational program is to train students in system approaches for the development of useful computational models of living systems and novel enabling informatics technologies in life sciences. See: Center for Integrated Bioinformatics at Drexel's School of Biomedical Engineering, Science and Health Systems, 'What is Bioinformatics?' and Glossary of biotechnology terms to get some basic idea about this emerging field of technology. See also: Guide to Selected Bioinformatics Internet Resources

Books Click on the links below to see what books are available in the library in some key areas related to Bioinformatics:

Biological Informatics is a Subject Tracer Information Blog which is designed to bring together latest resources on biological informatics, health informatics, institute of neuroinformatics, biodiversity informatics and biomolecular informatics.

New Journal: Journal of Biobased Materials and Bioenergy

Journal of Biobased Materilas and Bioenergy

Medical Devices Today - a new resource by FDC Reports

FDC Reports launches new website featuring the latest in medical devices and diagnostics

Publisher FDC Reports, Inc., part of STM publisher Elsevier, has announced the launch of Medical Devices Today, a new beta website featuring the latest news in medical devices and diagnostics.

Microfluidics Research

Microfluidics and biosensors

Antibody Search Engine

Antibody Search Engine
Search and find antibodies from 220 antibody suppliers online catalog worldwide.

See Antibody& beyond for more information on antibodies. Cells Alive has a nice section on How Lymphocytes Produce Antibody .

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