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Make a Career Plan!

Around this time, many companies, including Drexel, begin to make yearly and multi-yearly goals. They sit down and think about how they can improve their services all while trying to fulfill their mission. But they shouldn't be the only ones making these types of plans.

You can, and should, sit down this summer to come up with your own "Career" plan before you come back to school. Sit down and take a look at where you have come so far in the past year. Next, you want to look at your overall career goals. If you have yet to create a career goal, then make one.

Tips for Next Week's Career Fair!

With the April 11th Spring Career Fair only a week away, many of you may be feeling a little 'career fair anxiety' about how to make the best impression on your favorite companies. No need to fear as the people from Vault Career Insider have some tips to give you that edge and make you stand out from the crowd!

New Books for the Hagerty Careers Collection!

Take a look at the new books available in the Hagerty Careers Collection in Hagerty Library, behind the printers!

How to Effectively Use Online Job Boards and Career Sites

Facebook,, Twitter, Career, and Linked In We have all heard about them:,, LinkedIn, etc. We know that they can be helpful in getting your resume out there for companies to see. But we also know that we are competing against hundreds, sometimes thousands, of other job seekers just like us.

How Should I Directly Contact Companies?

Man contacting company via phone and emailOne of the most useful techniques for getting a job in a company is by directly contacting them and inquiring about any employment opportunities they may have.

Seniors: Looking for a job after graduation?

We all know that Senior year has its positives but one thing that no one looks forward to is the search for a job after graduation.

Introducing the new Career Services Library Assistant

Hello Drexel students and alumni! My name is Brendan Johnson and I am the new Career Services Library Assistant here at Drexel University. I am excited to be given the opportunity to work with the Drexel community to help students and alumni achieve their career goals. As for some background about me, I am a graduate of Villanova University and had some great previous work experiences in the fields of Education and History before joining Drexel. I am currently attending graduate school at Drexel's iSchool as well.

I will be located in Hagerty Library, room 136.

Careers in Wind Energy

The Department of Labor Statistics recently published a guide to Careers in Wind Energy.  They provide a map of wind farms in the US, give an overview of a wind-farm project, and discuss the occupations within the wind power industry.  If you'r

Summer Housing

Are you in need of some summer housing options?  Need a place to stay while you complete A and B round interviews?  Make sure to look into Drexel's Summer Intern Housing Program, which can provide you with short-term accommodations over the summer.

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