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Information Systems

Making Maps with the ESRI GIS and Data Packages

Why might you want a map? Why might you want a targeted data set that describes some facet of the United States population or business community? Many disciplines benefit from knowing how relevant markets, service populations or consituencies are distributed across a geographic area. A few reasons might be to start a new business, or launch a targeted marketing effort. Other reasons might include public health or political campaigns, planning for education, social services other public policy goal.

Gartner IT Research Discontinued - Alternate Recommendations

UPDATE as of 9/1/2010 Drexel no longer carries Gartner Research -

Instead we recommend:

Faulkners for basic definitions and market awareness

Burton Group for in-depth tactical decision support on technology management issues, or


Wiley Data Model Resource

Earlier this year an iSchool PhD student requested a book for the collection that was really a collection of data models related to e-commerce scenarios from Wiley. In support of her request she sent the following description of how she planned to use it. After she had time to work with it she also sent the review that follows. This sort of purchase pushed the limits of what we typically collect - machine readable files instead of text.

Information Systems & Technology Associations

Professional associations are good investments. Whether you are networking for a job, keeping skills up to date or just seeking the company of colleagues, your reward from participating will exceed your investment many times over. I have only included groups that I know to have an active chapter in the Philadelphia area, just as a way to illustrate the F2F aspect of association activity and provide ideas of associations that are likely to exist anywhere.

Half-dozen Types of Info Tech / Info Sys Literature

Gerry Stahl's INFO105 class recently heard about the different kinds of literature I find in the information technology / information systems field.  Following ancient library wisdom  "use the right tool for the job," students who distinguish between the following 6 types are in a better position to take advantage of the strengths of each, while avoiding some of the "round-peg-square-hole" pitfalls that might otherwise arise.

New Gartner Research Portal has "Hype Cycles" & "Magic Quadrants" - Now Clickable!

With Drexel's recent service upgrade, students can now directly access the Gartner Research Portal and browse interactive online versions of reports we previously had only as flat PDF's. Portal Now Available Directly for Students

UPDATE as of 9/1/2010 Drexel no longer carries Gartner Research - See Faulkners, Burton or IGI Global instead

Now everyone at Drexel can use THIS LINK to create a personal portal account on the native Gartner interface instead of the old locally hosted version we had.  To create your own a

Information Technology Case Studies - Keeping IT Real!

IT cases are great teaching and learning tools.  If you're a faculty member teaching students with limited professional exposure, you have only so many ways of "making it real" for your class.

*New* Information Sci-Tech Encyclopedias

Why would I use an information science & technology encyclopedia? Try these and you'll find out quick enough!

"Books 24x7" - New Info Tech Ebooks

Craving some late-night MySQL? This latest batch ranges from novice "Beginning Google Map Apps" and "YouTube for Dummies" to more advanced Ruby on Rails, XLST and more! Just a click away as our monthly wave of new eBooks arrives.

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