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Information Systems

New InfoTech EBooks

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New Tactical IT Research Reports from

Drexel now offers Burton Group’s IT Research Reports. These are tactically focused to keep info tech managers ahead of the curve on new IT developments. Our license includes three BurtonGroup content areas: Content and Collaboration Strategies, Data Center Strategies (DCS), Identity and Privacy Strategies.

New textbook for SE 311 added to Safari

An O'Reilly book titleed "Head First Design Patterns" that is the required textbook for SE 311 (taught by Asst. Professor Yuanfang Cai) was just added to our Safari Books collection. It is very useful for understanding design patterns. It's not in the Library's main book catalog yet, but will be soon.

New Info Systems E-Books

See below for links to new info-systems and technology books available from Drexel Libraries - right through the browser!

NFAIS 2007 Conference Commentary

Not since the height of the boom have I participated in a conference where the sense of change underway made it seem like the very ground beneath my feet was shifting. Let me back up a minute to describe what NFAIS is - the National Federation of Abstracting and Indexing Services. Celebrating its fiftieth year of existence NFAIS is the professional association for top executives of library database vendors. Usually when I attend a conference it's a bunch of librarians or teachers talking about how fast the web and users are changing and how we've got to run to keep in place. This one really brought home to me how the vendors are in the same boat - something I've known intellectually but hadn't appreciated on an emotional level until I felt some of these speakers take the audience on what amounted to a roller coaster thrill ride of both the exciting and dire possibilities brought about by the advent of Web 2.0.

Forrester Research - new IT industry analyst database

UPDATE as of 9/1/2009 Drexel no longer carries Forrester Research - See Faulkners, Burton or IGI Global instead

You guys are soooo lucky. If you *ever* have an IT strategy research project requiring in-depth background on a particular IT product space and anticipates industry trends, especially at the enterprise level - you are now extremely well supported. Between the "advisory" services of Forrester, Gartner and Faulkers Drexel is now on par with what the better endowed IT consulting firms use. How do I know this?

Safari: new code search + custom textbooks

Okay - *now* I see the folks at Safari doing something creative with all that electronic content they have. I like the way the O'Reilly Labs guys described it:

"Code Search, lets you search through the more than 2.6 million lines of example code from almost 700 O'Reilly books. You can limit your search to a particular book, a particular category (e.g. Perl, or Java), or a particular author."

Safari Tech Books - new interface

From the good people at Proquest comes this news about their long overdue upgrades to the Safari e-book platform interface and feature set. Aside from faster loading and more attractive screens, I find most features to be the same aside from incorporating Amazon reviews and links to other popular books in a selected category, as determined by Amazon selling position. Anyway - let me know what you think!

=====begin proquest email =====

ProQuest is pleased to announce the release of Safari 5.0. The new interface will be available on August 19, 2006.

This release brings a new look and feel to the interface along with improved search capabilities. Search functionality will remain the same so users will still have the ability to keyword and code fragment search. The interface includes the following enhancements:

"Trekkie" HCI video + new HCI encyclopedias

Hi -

It's not everyday I pick up work-related ideas from science fiction. But HCI in particular has received lots of inspiration over the years from the Star Trek series with concepts such as the "tri-quarter" the "holodeck" and the sleek navigation consoles on their bridge. ...more...

Recently Added Info Systems & Technology E-books

Electronic books - we've got them coming out our ears! These have been selected from the LC call number range of QA76.76 ... info sytems & tech books. Many of them come to us as part of our blanket subscriptions to the e-book products such as "EBrary" or "Books 24x7" so I can't take much credit for their selection. But I *do* like publicizing the latest titles. You would get the same effect going to the "new books" list on the Library's website - if it was updated more often. But this is easy enough to replicate here so - enjoy!

PS - you will need a valid Drexel ID + PW to view the full text of the books. They are sorted by call number so similar things should be together in the list. I recommend you try searching for keywords of interest using the Firefox browser if the list seems too long to browse.

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