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E-Book Expo: Lyrasis Panel Discussion (archive)

Last Friday, I was very pleased to participate as part of this panel discussion being held by Lyrasis at the Harrisburg University of Science and Technology in Harrisburg Pa.

Comparison of E-Book Collections

E-Book Collections are taking off in libraries and private subscriptions, but how to they compare? Help us evaluate Drexel's electronic book collections and fill in the blanks below:

*New* Information Sci-Tech Encyclopedias

Why would I use an information science & technology encyclopedia? Try these and you'll find out quick enough!

Scholarly Videos? A First for PubMed

One small step for the MTV generation. One giant step for scholarly publishing! By indexing the online Journal of Visualized Experiments, PubMed legitimized video as a media of mainstream scholarly discourse... video db needs beta testers

Drexel Libraries now hosts a beta version of TheHistoryMakers - a video repository with interviews of leading contemporary African Americans hosted on a futuristic software platform from Carnegie Mellon's Informedia Lab. Intrigued? We need beta testers!

Librarian IM Service, un-answered questions

Some of you may have noticed how I've added a browser-based Meebo widget to my IST Research Guide pages.
So what should you do if I'm not replying instantly ? Here are some options - plus some answers to unattributed I.M.s that I have received while offline.

New Library Tools for Bookies

So it might obvious from the dates on my recent posts that this blog has been undernourished lately. Considering all that's going on at Hagerty Library this year, I'm lucky to do one posting per month! (Changes here will be the subject of another blog posting coming soon.) On the bright side, the benefit to you is I can batch the news and choose my words and instructions a bit more carefully.

My previous post was on new services. This one will focus on products. I'll get up the outline first and then come backfill with more detailed instructions later. What I really enjoy sharing are anecdotes supplied by users who go ahead and experiment with the new toys. Feel free to email me any comments along those lines. The "comment" feature on this blog gets hit with so much robo-spam that real replies can get lost in the shuffle. But if you email, I'll include them in an update. So... on with the show!


INFO 520 "I want to compare these two associations..."

This is a perennial project for the INFO 520 class. And I always wonder how far to go in responding to the questions I get about it. Aren't all these librarians-in-training just overflowing with ambition and creative ideas for research projects like this? Well... I guess for those full of verve, they don't need my help and this posting won't hurt them. And for the ones that can use the encouragement, at least they'll have to wade through my sermonizing to get to the useful advice, and hopefully be better for it.

"Cultural Image of Librarians" - Fascinating!

Re-posting from a listserv: Subject: [DIG_REF] "Cultural Image of Librarians"

This speaks for itself!

"This document provides both a discussion of images of librarians and a multitudes of examples of those images."
[thanks to: Dr. John Jaeger Doctoral Research and Reference Librarian, Dallas Baptist University]

Drexel's Library Services to Connect w/Millenials: one-page overview

Wouldn't want you to miss this! Several of the Librarians here collaborated on creating a poster that maps the range of tactics Drexel Libraries' is pursuing to connect with the Millennials - or college student born after 1979. Science Librarian Peggy Dominy, Engineering Librarian Jay Bhatt, Assistant Librarian Josh Roberts and myself put this high level map together to illustrate how much we've changed in the last few years with a look at "library services then and now." Wanted to mention that the design element of giving an attractive visualization to an otherwise loosely related list of initiatives was all Josh's handiwork. Thanks Josh!

See the full poster in our digital repository HERE. I'll post the abstract on the subsequent blog page just for fun. Enjoy!

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