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Web of Science saved searches

Okay, time to put on my book-geek hat! I just recieved my first alert after setting up a "saved search" on the newly upgraded Thomson Web of Science platform. If you are among those who make a hobby of watching this platform closely, especially during the past year, you will have noticed upgrades arriving with suprprising regularity -every 4 to 6 months it seems. Which is all good news for users...

Impressions of SLA Baltimore Conference 2006

As an afterthought it seems to make sense to cross-post my entry on the DU SLA Student Chapter blog over to this one - just to keep everything in one place. I will preface my remarks by saying that while I've attended several SLA conferences as a day-tripper, this was the first time I stayed for the duration. The glamor of three days marching around the Baltimore Convention Center with so many other librarians, all wearing sensible shoes! ; ) Seriously - I enjoyed myself like a kid in a candy shop.

New Reference Resources - bookie (not techie) stuff

Okay - this may not seem fascinating at first blush, but when was the last time you picked up a specialized encyclopedia? These suckers are *deep*! Talk about providing some background! And pricey! You can google the publishers to see what kind bite they take out of my materials budget - but they're *not cheap.* The prospect of compiling something equivalent on your own is enough to make the time-saving value of these reference works clear. Imagine compiling an overview of a highly specialized subject complete with definitions, a short history, key concepts and views from thought leaders on the topic, "see also" cross-references and a bibliography of the most important sources. On top of that is the commitment of these publishers toward being "encyclopedic" in their coverage - in other words if it's not included - it can't be that important (or so we're led to believe.) Okay - enough refdesk ranting. Here's my list of recent picks - they happen to be children's literature focused. I'll do a separate entry for the Techie ones.

Rock & Roll Library (videos surfed from the web)

Like anyone else who was raised on a steady diet of Saturday morning cartoons, there's a part of my brain that can't help but respond to animations - even cheezy ones - even (oh no!) library skills instructional videos! Since this is a blog and I'm new to e-journalling I'll fall back on the time-honored tradition of sharing confessions...

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