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Mapping world statistics ... proportionally

This might be cool for those hard-to-impress high school students who always do better with pictures than lists of numbers (as is true for most everyone else as well.)

"What if there were maps that showed information about countries in terms other than land mass? Worldmapper ( does just that. It has cartograms, or specialized maps, that re-size countries according to variables like population, GDP, number of passenger cars, etc.

TRAILS—Tool for Real-Time Assessment of Information Literacy Skills

TRAILS is a federally funded project to create a tool for library media specialists and teachers to assess the information literacy skills of their high school students. TRAILS first went live in spring 2006 and was refined this summer. It is now available in its expanded form.

The Juvenile Collection @ Drexel

Some of you who know me from around campus may be aware of the early reader in my life. Without going into too many personal details, suffice it to say that a healthy reading culture is evolving at our house over the past few years. We have advanced through picture-only books, lots of counting and alphabet books, through opposites, colors and that sort of basic concept work, and now enjoy anything that has between a sentence to a paragraph on each page.

Comics & manga & graphic novels @ Drexel University libraries !

Check out our latest arrivals . . .

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Who reads graphic novels? People of all ages and from all backgrounds read graphic novels, appreciating the formats combination of visual art and storytelling. Much like a good film, a graphic novel stimulates both your eyes and mind.

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