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A true story of group work

It's challenging to work with a diverse group of people. That's for sure.

An adviser here at Drexel told me this story about a group of students who had to figure out how to work together. Names and identifying attributes have been changed.

Stephen, Rashida, Ellen, and Jens were assigned to work together for a project that would take two full terms. They decided to meet each week at 7pm on Wednesdays to check in with each other to make sure that their project was on track and moving through the timeline.

Stephen, Rashida, and Jens found Ellen exceedingly difficult to work with.

Talking to a Social Loafer


This is how groups usually deal with a social loafer:

A) Discover that a teammate didn't do their part
B) Scramble to complete that teammate's part of the project to turn the work in on time
C) Ignore the teammate that didn't do the work.

Remember, people

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