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Drexel Archives

Historical photographs and other interesting documents from the Archives' collections, as well as information about the Archives.

Drexel hosts Philly's first National Coming Out Day, 1988

The first National Coming Out Day was organized by the Human Rights Campaign on October 11, 1988.

Happy Birthday, Barcode, brought to you by Drexel alumni

Wonder why Google's homepage doodle featured a barcode today?  October 7 is the anniversary of the first patent for a barcode, awarded to Drexel alumni Bernard Silver '47 and Norman Joseph Woodland '47.

See their patent for a Classifying Apparatus And Method on Google patents.

For more information about N.J Woodland, see this article from the May 8, 2000 Hagerty Library newsletter (pdf).<

One Hour Left in the eResource Fair at Hagerty Library

You have one hour left to enjoy the food, prizes and eResources at Hagerty Library's 1st ever eResources Fair until 2 p.m. today

We're offering food, prizes, and giveaways as you learn more about the terrific resources Drexel Libraries provide. There are wonderful opportunities for knowledge and fun found online through e-journals, e-books and databases licensed by Drexel University Libraries, and the Hagerty eResources Fair will help you make your way though these invaluable learning tools.

Hurry!  We won't be here much longer!

Banned Books Exhibition Reception Tomorrow!

This week is Banned Books Week! A new exhibition titled,

"Banned Books, Banished Writers and Historic Bonfires:

Tales from the Rare Book Collection"

Pirate Party Today! Students Welcome to the Arrrchives Open House!

Aye Me Hearties,

Shiver me timbers! The Arrrchives Open House it be today! Hope to see ye swashbucklers join us here in Hagerty Library, down in the lower level from 4 to 6 p.m. Learn about the sweet trade of arrrchiving and see treasures abound. Thar be grub and grog on the house for ye all.

Fair winds

The Cap'n

Arrrchive Open House Pirate Party Tomorrow!

Ahoy Lads and Lasses of Fortune,

Thar be treasure, looting, pillaging and plunder tomorrow at the Arrrchives Open House Pirate Party. Aye, grub and grog thar be too.  Don't be Lilly-livered, we not be using the cat-o'-nine-tails on ye.  Join the sweet trade o' archiving piracy.

We on the aft side of the lower level of Hagerty Library.

Today's Presidential Spotlight: Constantine Papadakis

Constantine Papadakis (1946-2009) served as president of Drexel University from Aug.

Presidential Exhibition Reception Tomorrow!

Join us tomorrow, September 23rd, for a reception for the exhibition "The Past Personified: a Presidential History of Drexel", curated by Shaun Kirtpartrick. This exhibit highlights some of the many images and items the Drexel Archives holds from the terms of the university's past leaders.

The reception will be held in W.W. Hagerty Library (33rd and Market Streets) on the lower level of Hagerty Library.  It is open to all and includes complimentary homemade refreshments.

Students - Welcome Back Week! Pirate Party this Friday!

Ahoy me Brethren of the Coast,

Arrrchives Open House be this Friday, September 25th, from 4 to 6 p.m.  Ye landlubbers should come about the lower level of Hagerty 'nd get ye sea legs. Pillage, plunder, loot and become an old salt. Thar be treasures and grub for ye all.

Hope to see ye thar! Savvy?

The Cap'n

Today's Presidential Spotlight: Richard Breslin

Richard David Breslin (b. 1937/38) served as president of Drexel University from Sept.

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