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Historical photographs and other interesting documents from the Archives' collections, as well as information about the Archives.

Closing President's Exhibition Reception is Six Days Away!

The reception for the exhibition, The Past Personified: a Presidential History of Drexel,” currently on display in the W.W. Hagerty Library (33rd and Market Streets).

The reception will be on Wednesday, September 23, 2009, from 4 to 6 p.m. on the lower level of Hagerty Library.  It is open to all and includes complimentary homemade refreshments.

Today's Presidential Spotlight: William Gaither

William S. Gaither (b. 1932) served as the president of Drexel University from May 1984 through his resignation on Oct.

Antiques & Collecting Magazine article about our Mini Book Exhibit

This months issue of Antiques & Collecting Magazine features our rare book exhibition of Miniature Books in their Collector's Update.  The article is titled "Rare Book Exhibition at Hagerty Library." The full text of the article, including the images, is available online through Proquest Research Library.

[caption id="attachment_554" align="alignnone" width="227" caption="September Issue Copyright 2009"]

Today's Presidential Spotlight: William Hagerty

William Walsh Hagerty (1916-1986) served as president of Drexel from September 1, 1963, to his retirement in 1984 -- at nearly 21 years, Drexel's longest presidency.  Like his predecessor James Creese, Hagerty also oversaw a long period of expansion for Drexel; most notably, the school’s transformation from an institute of technology into Drexel University in 1970.

~Shaun Kirkpatrick

[caption id="attachment_430" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="William Hagerty, 1983"]

Two weeks till the Pirate Party -for Student's Welcome Back Week

Ahoy, me Hearties!

Aye, for Welcome Back Week at Drexel the Arrrchives is hostin' an Open House. Thar be treasures from the special collections to plunder and grub and grog, me apologies for no rum.

See you thar, A pence for an old man o'de sea?


The Cap'n

Today's Presidential Spotlight: James Creese

James Creese (1896-1966) presided over the Drexel Institute of Technology from December 1945 to September 1963 -- Drexel's second-longest serving president.

~Shaun Kirkpatrick

James CreeseJames Creese

See the exhibition

Banned Books Exhibition Reception in three weeks

Please make plans to attend a Reception for the exhibition "Banned Books, Banished Writers and Historic Bonfires: Tales from the Rare Book Collection." on Wednesday September 30th from 4 to 6 p.m on the lower level of Hagerty Library.

In conjunction with ALA’s Banned Books Week September 26 – October 3rd !  This exhibition, curated by Laurie Rizzo, displays written works that have been cause for conflict at one point in time or another. All the books in the exhibition are from Drexel’s Rare Books Collection.

Today's Presidential Spotlight: George Rea

George Peters Rea (1894-1978) presided over Drexel Institute of Technology from August 1, 1942, to August 31, 1944, during the worst years of World War II.

Robert C.

Enjoy your break, Drexel Students! Come back in three weeks for the Pirate Party and Arrrchives Open House!

Ahoy me matey's!

Only three weeks till we weigh anchor! Argh! On Friday September 25th from 4 to 6 p.m. thar be a Pirate Party at the Arrrchives.  Me welcomes ye new and returning privateers and buccaneers to the Arrrchives.   Open House includes treasure (rare books and maps), looting (records management) and pillaging (complimentary refreshments).  Ye Olde Arrrchives is on the lower level of Hagerty Library.

Today's Presidential Spotlight: Parke Kolbe

Doctor Parke Rexford Kolbe (1881-1942) served as president of Drexel Institute from 1932 until his death in February 1942, guiding the school through the Great Depression and the start of World War II.

~ Shaun Kirkpatrick

[caption id="attachment_416" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="President Kolbe with Archduke Otto of Austria, 1941"]Parke </p />
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