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Drexel Archives

Historical photographs and other interesting documents from the Archives' collections, as well as information about the Archives.

On your next trip to the Lower-Level

Next time you swing by the Lower Level of Hagerty Library, be sure to check out the Drexel University's Special Collection exhibition: "Many Littles Make a Much" -- a collection of miniature books.

The exhibition cases have recently been moved to make room for the periodicals, now also located in the Lower Level. The exhibition is now along the north wall.

Be sure to pass by often to see new exhibitions as they happen!

For more information about the Special Collection, contact the University Archives.

No evening hours this Wednesday (June 17)

This week is Drexel's break between sessions, so the University Archives will close at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 17.  We will resume our regular Wednesday evening hours next week, June 24.  Hope to see you then!

New Exhibition: Many Littles Make a Much

“Many Littles Make a Much: A Selection of Miniature Books from Drexel University’s Special Collection" is Drexel University Archives' newest exhibition. All the books in this show measure three or fewer inches in any dimension, and represent a cross-section of the world of miniature books. The show spans books from practical mini-dictionaries on one end, to a conceptually-driven sculptural mini-book.

Exhibitions to Showcase Special Collections

In an effort to let the Drexel community and the public at large learn more about the treasures in the Drexel University Special Collections, we're gearing up for a number of exhibitions.

The exhibitions will feature materials that the staff think will be of wide appeal, and will be in the cases along the south wall in the lower level of Hagerty Library.

The first exhibition is being installed today - watch this space tomorrow for an announcement.

For more information about the schedule, to make suggestions for exhibitions or to just say hello, contact the Drexel University Archives at

New exhibition: Frank H.M. Williams, Half a Century of Mathematics Education

A new exhibition, Frank H.M. Williams, Half a Century of Mathematics Education, is now on view on the Lower Level of Hagerty Library.

Historic photos appear on Candid Campus

Regular visitors to Drexel One will notice an increase in the number of black and white images on Drexel's Candid Campus.

The Foundations of our Special Collections: Anthony J. Drexel

Part two of a three part series

The core of Drexel University Libraries Special Collections consists of a several gifts of rare books donated to the Drexel Institute by Anthony J. Drexel, George W. Childs and George M. Standish.

Anthony J. Drexel, the founder of the university, envisioned an institute not only for practical training, but also for a wide appreciation of art and culture.  From its inception the Institute hosted free public meetings on a wide range of topics, and included a museum of art and ancient artifacts.

The book collection donated by A.J.

Drexel Research Day participants: archive your research for fun and profit

Congratulations to all the participants in Drexel Research Day today!  Archiving your poster in iDEA (Drexel's E-Repository and Archives) is a great way to improve the visibility of your research and ensure that it is preserved permanently.  E-mail your poster (with an abstract please!) to, and we will deposit it in iDEA, then send you a permanent URL that you can add to your C.V.

Taki the Scholar

This week we've heard many fitting tributes to President Constantine "Taki" Papadakis as leader of Drexel University.  Less has been said about Taki's work as an engineer.  His writings on hydrology, hydraulics and fluid dynamics are collected in a volume, Selected writings of Constantine N. Papadakis, available at the Drexel University Archives.  Stop by the Lower Level of Hagerty Library and take a look.

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