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Many New Education e-Books Coming in Feb 2013

We are delighted to announce that starting in February your e-book options for education topics will be greatly expanded! We anticipate adding a large batch (1000's!) of current education e-books through a new arrangement with our eBrary vendor. You can find these new e-books in three ways.

Many of you will be familiar with searching by keyword or browsing by subjects linked to each book's short descriptive record in our old-style  catalog.

Have a Smart Phone, iPad, Kindle or Nook? 32,000 scholarly books are available to you.

You'll be happy to learn that eBrary e-books are now downloadable!

Current Drexel students, faculty and staff have access to over 32,000 scholarly books from the vendor eBrary, including titles from a wide variety of disciplines. Reading these books previously required an active internet connection, but all that has changed. Now, e-books can be downloaded and used offline by creating a PDF of a single chapter, or installing the free Adobe Digital Editions to download an entire book.  That means you can take them on the plane, overseas, anywhere! 

NEW ebrary interface

ebrary is launching their new interface January 20, 2009.  The new look allows for quicker navigation and a sleeker look, and the long-time coming QuickView -- which allows users instant access to the full text of ebooks WITHOUT DOWNLOADING THE EBRARY READER!  This and other features of the new interface are described in the ebrary technology site.

You may preview the new ebrary interface from their demo site.  To view the new interface, Just go to

ebrary (supposedly) Launches QuickView for Instant Document Viewing in a Browser

So, I'll start by noting that I have seen no evidence yet of the Quickview option within ebrary, but here's the press release:


As I discovered this morning, there is an issue when using Firefox 3 to access Ebrary. Once you have installed the  Ebrary Reader, you may find that you have inadvertently wandered into an "install missing plug-ins" loop.

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