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Safari Tech Books- Your Recommendations?

Do you have a favorite information technology book that the Library doesn’t currently own? How about a hot tech topic that the Library collection should develop?

After recently weeding some older editions we now have several dozen open slots in our rotating Safari E-book Collection. We welcome your help to fully utilize our allotted number of titles.

Finnish Resources

There are very few books on Finnish culture and history. Could we get some more?

Thanks very much for your comment. Our history and culture resources are managed by Larry Milliken, Humanities and Social Science Librarian Extraordinaire.


Two DVD requests:

Can you get more Food Network DVDs? Like Alton Brown and Iron Chef. Pretty please?

Can you please get the first and second season of “How I met Your Mother”?

Fun with Science and Horror

I don’t know if these exist, but Bill Nye, the Science Guy DVDs would be really really awesome. And The Shining.

Thanks for the great suggestions! To say that Bill Nye the Science Guy DVDs do exist is probably the understatement of the year. We’ll get some.

The Bicycle Thief

Can you get The Bicycle Thief on DVD?

Great movie, and great suggestion.  In fact, we already have The Bicycle Thief on DVD, although it’s not part of our leisure collection. This term, the DVD is available from our reserve desk for three day loan.

Cybersemiotics (Hagerty)

I recommend that the library buy this book: Cybersemiotics: Why Information Is Not Enough. Thank you!

Thank you for the recommendation.

Preparing for the Dental Admission Test (Hagerty Library)

Please buy DAT books for library use.  Drexel does not have only pre-meds.  Don’t make the others left out.  Thanks for consideration!

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