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Input to Implementation: Simplifying Thesis and Dissertation Submissions

The Libraries has simplified the process of submitting Ph.D. and Ed.D. dissertations, reducing student costs by $66, and saving student and staff time. The new process uses ProQuest’s Electronic Theses and Dissertations Administrator [ETD], which provides convenient online submission and reduces steps in the submission process.

Submitting your Ph.D. or Ed.D. Dissertation is now faster and cheaper

Drexel University Libraries has simplified the process of submitting a Ph.D. or Ed.D. dissertation through use of ProQuest’s Electronic Theses and Dissertations Administrator [ETD]. This tool will guide students in meeting submission requirements for their dissertations.Use of ProQuest's ETD Administrator is free and reduces overall submission charges for doctoral students by $66. Online access to doctoral dissertations is provided by Drexel University Libraries via Drexel's institutional repository, iDEA.

Electronic Access to Full Text Dissertations & Theses

Author: Beth Ten Have, Director, Library Academic Partnerships

The Libraries has recently acquired electronic access to the full-text version of the ProQuest Dissertations & Theses (PQDT) database providing immediate access to over a million full-text dissertations and theses from institutions throughout North America.

Off campus ProQuest problems? Here’s a solution

ProQuest is experiencing some technical difficulties that can make finding full text from off campus problematic. When conducting off-campus research in a Palgrave or Sage database, then linking to a full-text article in ProQuest through GetIt, you may be denied access to the article in ProQuest.

This is a glitch that ProQuest is working to repair, but meanwhile there is one known workaround. If this happens to you, please note the citation to the article you’re looking for, close your browser, and start a new ProQuest session.


Q: What's New? A: ProQuest

ProQuest Logo

If you love ProQuest Research Library as much as we do, you are probably familiar with the trusty yellow and white interface we've all come to know and love. Well, get ready for a big change, because Proquest just got a big facelift.

But it's not just it's looks that have changed.

On Trial: GeoRef and AltPressWatch

Drexel subscribes to GeoRef and AltPressIndex through OCLC Firstsearch currently, but access to these databases on the OCLC Platform will no longer be available after July.  We have current trials to versions of these two databases from Proquest.

GeoRef on CSA Illumina (Trial)
The GeoRef database covers the g

On Trial: Proquest Digital Microfilm

Proquest now offers Digital Microfilm options for a handful of their newspapers -- it is basically PDFs of microfilm rolls that are accessible to any authorized Drexel user without having to use the microfilm reader!

Drexel has a trial to all of Proquests offerings, but of particular interest is the Wall Street Journal and Barron's.  Both newspapers are currently only offering 2008 content in digital microfilm, but 2009 content will

Bowker and Proquest, Sittin' in a tree

Proquest announced last week that the president of Bowker (who provides us with Ulrich's Periodicals Directory and

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