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PubMed Commons: A Forum for Scientific Discourse

Today the National Library of Medicine has launched a pilot version of PubMed Commons, a system that will allow commenting on abstracts in the PubMed database.  According to the PubMed Commons site:

The Shutdown and Government Information Sources

According to the NCBI website "PubMed has been designated to be maintained with minimal staff during the lapse in government funding. The information on this website will be kept as up to date as possible, and the agency will attempt to respond to urgent operational inquiries during this period." 

PubMed Update

Last week NLM implemented a change to the PubMed interface that many searchers may find convenient. The "Limit" link has disappeared from the search results display, replaced by a list of Filters to the left of the results.

Medical Students Test Advanced Literature Search Skills in Small Group Assignments

Drexel librarians are ready to collaborate with faculty to integrate literature search skills into the curriculum. One example at Drexel University College of Medicine is the Program for Integrated Learning (PIL), which offers first- and second-year medical students an alternative to a lecture-based curriculum.

Guided by faculty, PIL students meet in small groups, where clinical cases act as a framework for learning the scientific basis of medical practice.  Students identify information they need in order to explain the facts of the case.  After searching for relevant information between group meetings, they present it at the next session. This interactive learning format has extra benefits of building skills in teamwork and lifelong, independent learning.

RefWorks -- PubMed -- CINAHL: Workshops at the Hahnemann Library!

Do you want to brush up on your searching skills, or learn how to use RefWorks to organize your research (and magically format all those citations in APA style)?

Is your EndNote up-to-date?

The producers of EndNote bibliographic management software are very good at keeping current with changes in database structures and interfaces, and changes in publication styles.  These changes, however, are not necessarily integrated into the EndNote application.

RefWorks Video Tutorials

My wonderful colleagues at the Health Sciences Library have created these tutorials related to RefWorks and health science databases.  They are great, focused and all under 5 minutes!

RefWorks part 1: Overview

RefWorks part 2: Creating Folders

RefWorks part 3: Fi

PubMed Central: What are an author's rights?

NIH's Public Access Policy, mandating that all articles arising from NIH funds must be submitted to PubMed Central upon acceptance for publication, has been a boon for researchers, medical practitioners and public, making publicly-funded research accessible to all.  But it has been a source of confusion for authors, who may encounter conflicts between the NIH mandate and the stipulations of publishers' contracts.

Ben Grillot of the Association of Research Libraries has published a report titled "PubMed Central Deposit and Author Rights", providing guidelines on how authors can balance NIH req

How do I set up RSS feeds using PubMed database?

PubMed offers RSS 2.0 (Really Simple Syndication) feeds of updated content available in the database. An RSS reader is required to use this service on your computer and retrieve new items from PubMed.

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