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Assignment Tips

"Library Survivor" assignment for CAT200

Here are a few links to library tutorials to help you with the questions from this assignment:

Evaluating Websites:

Research Articles on a topic:
The best place to start is with the Research Guides by Subject, which will give you the best library resources for researching a variety of topics:

INFO 520 "I want to compare these two associations..."

This is a perennial project for the INFO 520 class. And I always wonder how far to go in responding to the questions I get about it. Aren't all these librarians-in-training just overflowing with ambition and creative ideas for research projects like this? Well... I guess for those full of verve, they don't need my help and this posting won't hurt them. And for the ones that can use the encouragement, at least they'll have to wade through my sermonizing to get to the useful advice, and hopefully be better for it.

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