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Pick the Library's New DVDs

It's time to order new DVDs for Hagerty's leisure collection. We want to be sure that what we order is what you want to see, so we're asking for your help deciding what to get.

Here's a list of some of the latest DVD releases. For each title, you can vote on whether we should get it or skip it. Titles with the most votes will be ordered for Hagerty's Leisure DVD collection.

Vote now--the last day to vote is Monday, July 27th.

Need a movie today?

Need a Weekend Movie?

It's a long weekend. Hallelujah! Want to choose  your DVD before coming to the library to pick it up? Try this:

  • From the library homepage, click the link that says "Advanced Keyword Search."
  • In the top search bar, enter a search term, like "action," "animation," or "Hindi."
  • To get a list of all Hagerty's DVDs, enter an asterisk (*) into the search bar.
  • Choose "Hagerty Leisure DVD" as the location.
  • Hit search.

You'll get a list of all the DVDs in our collection.

Vote for New DVDs

There are a lot of new DVDs on their way into Hagerty's leisure collection, but we're still planning on adding more. Take a look at our latest ballot of new DVD releases for the month of February. Make it known which ones you want to see added to the collection. DVDs with the most votes will be added to the next order.

Vote here. Polling ends Thursday, February 17th.

Want to see what we've got right now?

Start the term off right--with Bollywood

This is a big weekend--and maybe the last one in awhile that you won't have to study. Enjoy it to its full potential and get some good movie watching in while you can.

We've just put up a table display of some of Hagerty's best stuff from its DVD collection: Bollywood! Swing by the DVD collection behind the reference desk and find the best of the Bollywood--old and new. Can't find what you want? We've got a suggestion box right there on the table. Tell us what you want and we just might get it!

Summer Blockbusters

There's some great summer movies out right now. But with the high price of movie tickets these days, maybe you'd like to stick with the classics.

Summer DVDs

A lot of terrific DVDs have come out this summer. We want to add a bunch to our leisure collection at Hagerty. Unfortunately we can't get everything, so please help us choose.

Take a look at the latest DVD releases and let us know which ones you want most in the leisure DVD collection by filling out the voting form. DVDs with the most votes get added to our collection.

Got ideas for other DVDs to add?

Got Bollywood?--Deadline Extended

Hagerty Library wants to add some more Bollywood to its leisure DVD collection. Want to help? Please vote and let us know what you want to see. Visit our voting form,  and cast your ballot for the most wanted of Bollywood's latest.  Films with the most votes will be ordered for the collection.

Don't see your favorites?

Movie Time

If you spend a lot of time in the Drexel Libraries, you know we've got a great DVD collection. Well, it's about to get even better with your help.

This is your chance to tell us what you want for Hagerty's DVD collection. We've compiled a list of all the new stuff to come out in the last few weeks. Take a gander, tell us what you like, and the movies with the most votes will get added to the collection.

Don't see what you want? We might already have it. Search the movie title in our online catalog.


Hellboy comics would be a great addition to the stacks.

Thanks for your suggestion. We’re in the process of beefing up our graphic novel collection. We’ll add Hellboy to the list for consideration.

Film Criteria

Anything criterion NEEDS to be in our collection.

Thanks for the comment. Yes, the Criterion collection is very important (hence the name). In fact, because the films are so important (and often expensive), we keep most of our Criterion DVDs in the DVD reserve collection behind the circulation desk.

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