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Announcing new career-related resources, events and advice for job hunters in the Drexel community.

Want to work in China? It can be done!!

The NYTimes recently published a really interesting article on the increasing number of American students looking to China to find jobs and internships.

A big draw of working in China, many young people say, is that they feel it allows them to skip a rung or two on the career ladde

The Internet Application Black Hole

The NYTimes has an article up that gives voice to the frustrations that many job seekers today face: submitting an application online and never hearing back from the employer!

There is obviously a bigger pool of applicants applying for the same job- a prospect that makes it even more important that you work to make your presence known!

Some tips that the article gives are:

  • Work hard

Game Plan

Careers Pick of the Week

Game Plan: The Insider's Guide to Breaking In and Succeeding in the Computer and Video Game Business

Looking for a job abroad?

Then come find out what resources are available to help you!

International Job Search Resources Workshop

Do you Tweet?

If not, you may want to consider doing so!  It is one more avenue to pursue networking and job opportunities.

Check out 100 Useful Twitter Tools and Feeds for your ideas on how you can use Twitter for your job search!

So You Want to Be a Professor?

Careers Pick of the Week:

So You Want to Be a Professor?

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