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May TEDx Event Asks Why Not?

On May 16, 2012, at Mitchell Auditorium, Drexel University will host a TEDx event aimed at bringing together variety of distinguished speakers at one spot. This years theme "Why Not?" breaks the imposed barriers between Arts, Science, History, Economics, Philosophy, Engineering, Technology, and Design, and aims to starting a new wave of thought in and around campus. Simply put, this a fun yet powerful theme works on many levels of academia, challenging the myths and constraints of modern thinking. "Why Not?" permits us to ponder, dream and to ask each other to reach and speak of the potential of our respective fields of study. Most importantly "Why Not?" speaks to Drexel's potential as a leader in setting a course of action as to what's coming next.

Trouble for Turtles

Trouble for Turtles:
Trawl Fishing in the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico

Griffin, E., Miller, K.L., Harris, S. and Allison, D. July 2008

Bycatch – the unintentional catch of sea turtles in fishing gear – poses a serious threat to sea turtle survival.

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